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The Krypt

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Author Comments

"The Krypt", sound by Submatukana.
Another story of the apocalypse.
Cyber youth theatre waiting for you!



Technically stunning.
Awesome sound track, with animation following the rythm.
Extremly fluid.
Very artsy.

The whole thing going Tetris surprised me in a rather... well... more "negative" then "positive" way. Still a perfect scrore though.


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interesting, good animation, i like how its mostly silhouettes, ill have to watch it again and see what message i get from it.


it good but i think you can make a better story.

as always, I love it.

Great work as always. I realy love your style, it is so unique in its own way, and as always your stories are very dark, always something to do with being different. I love your crain people, they awlays seem beautiful yet deadly. You have relay evolved in your animations during time, but havent lost your individual style, surrealism and the overall darkness you ahve had in your stories. I expechiallys tarted to laugh at the tetris, rememberin (if not correctly, do tell me) that you are from russia, and that tetris was the creation of the soviet union. here we can see how your stories bring different views (compare mine to Surpss) I ahve always seen a lot of your videos how the masses try and put down, destroy the individuals, and how they might not always succseed, there has often been some one to do the same as the other, maby suffering the same fate as the previous, but in a way bringing hope that maby the next one will sucseed. then there are your stories where "individuals" are made part of the mass, and how when becoming one, usually are killed, faceless and cannot be made separate from... that guy over there, or that one over there. I dont know, your videos are so surreal they can bring so many different messages to different people, and it is interesting (in my oppinnion) to often read, how others see in these.

I usually say whats wrong in videos or games these days, pointing out that they might not be so perfeckt, bareley ever giving a perfeckt 10 in rating or in my mind, but in this I cannot say anything that you should improve, other than during time, you will refine even more of your unique style. When people have yet to krasp what style they have, there is always something to point out what they could do better, but you have embrased yours, that is compleateley different from others that I have seen. And when you have a unique style, there cant realy be anything negative to say.

I will be keeping my thumbs up here in neighboring country Finland (yet again, if I am wrong, tell me) and hope that you make more videos, expecially those that use russian singers, because even if they bring a sense of "creepyness" to the videos, they are often the most beautifullests songs I ahve hears. The kind of music you follow in the dark, being compleateley scared, but cannot turn away from it.

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This was great but...

I didnt like the message. Or atleast wat i got out of it. Obviously you worked hard and the animation style is unique plus the music went with it perfectly but if you will allow me to explain wat i got from your flash. To me it was like the bashing of individualism. This is usually done in conversations about anarchy but this is not what i saw in your flash. It was pure individualism. One man dared to unplug himself from the mindless mainstream. (I just call it mindless because you gave no reason for the ppl plugged up in the chairs). Because he unplugged himself he was made a target. You made the individualist into a villan when he destroyed the world. And it was interesting you chose devastation of the planet via tetris because to me it was lik you were saying"The apocalypse through these free thinking freaks will happen in small incriments, it will happen peice by piece, and the ppl trying to stop them will look ill natured until its too late." Idk thts wat i got out of it. I also thought it was illuminati because of the christian symbolism used. I didnt think that was necessary although the cross did not formally become part of christianity hundreds of years AFTER its conception. Thts a diff subject though. Great flash.....I got a bad message.

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Credits & Info

4.47 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2011
5:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Frontpaged April 4, 2011
  • Daily 2nd Place April 3, 2011
  • Weekly 2nd Place April 6, 2011