Directionless: Job Hunt

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Have a good sense of humor.


French? Whatever!! Awesome!

I was impressed! For 3.3 MB of flash, I was expecting something a lot shorter, so I don't know how much work you put into this. There is something I'd like to know because I don't know where else to look for the information: What was the song and artist of it that you used? If you don't mind me asking. Just because I liked this one, I'm going to go through your other work and probably rate them too.

ActiveObjectX responds:

I used two songs by the artist Sacha Distel. The first one(the main song) is La Bonne Humeur and the second one is Qu'est Ce Qu'on Attend Pour Etre Heureux

I quite enjoyed that!!!

its not the normal stupid funny that many have come to expect from flash, and that suprised me. I liked this cartoon, but also had some issues with it...
1) Great message. Keep your chin up!
2) Dry though funny humor.
3) Great sync with the song.
4) Color matched mood perfectly!
5) Great animation style
1) Humor is too widely spaced... add a few more jokes in the future please!!!
2) Slow. Granted it is based on a song, but use double time in some more frantic parts (ex. the second job search)
3) more time on the computer screen. Lacked enough time to read all of it.
4) I love dry humor, but others may not get it... i suggest dumbing it down slightly.
All together, great flash. Great animation. Great message. Great work. I cant wait to see more from you in the future.

ActiveObjectX responds:

Yeah I do agree that my humor might be "above" the newgrounds standard of dick jokes(which are awesome by the way).

I think the reason why the humor was spaced was because the movie wasn't necessarily a "comedy". It's more of a situation with a dry approach to it. The real "haha" jokes all come in at times when the main character is down on himself. Trying to convey having a good sense of humor. So it's not about the jokes but more about why those jokes are happening at those times.

Oh wow!

Looks like you re-drew most of the frames in this, quite impressive. I would have given it a 10 had not been for the sometimes choppy-ness or the fact none of it was colored, but I mostly rated based on the choppy parts.

Still! It is amazing, more than I can do right now.

ActiveObjectX responds:

I liked the choppy parts where I drew only single frames.

Though it could be interpreted as being lazy.

I'm going to say it's an artistic statement representing the main characters mind.



It's perfect. Good music, talking though signs, and a pity corner.

ActiveObjectX responds:

Pity corners are fun.

Nice job! (No pun intended)

Not sure I understand the choice of background music, but overall a nice piece of work. I really like the effective use of monochrome colors.

ActiveObjectX responds:

I don't understand french nor did I look up what the lyrics meant. I kinda interpreted the songs meaning from how it sounded as " have a good sense of humor" and the video follows that.

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Apr 1, 2011
9:13 PM EDT
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