The Journey of Remorse

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This animation was made by my sister Elena, for her university project, in a period less than 3 weeks and I guided her whenever she faced any complications. She is new to flash and this is her first animation, so dont go too harsh on her.
The music featured was kindly borrowed by my friend's band "Summer God Teachings".

The protagonist finds himself in a calm place that is not the same to the world he knew, where he feels very comfortable and relieved, he does not remember how he got there, and what happened to him, and he does not really care. The only thing his mind is focused on is the bright shining light, which allures him all the way from the end of the valley.
The intention of this short animation is for the viewer to go beyond imagination and unravel the mystery alongside with the hero.
This story is not all about a beginning, middle and the end; this is a story of what human beings may become if they take everything for granted. At times we all make mistakes and things that we regret afterwards and this animation encourages us to stop for a moment and think- how should we really treat those around us?
The story signifies that the past is the past and no matter how hard we try, we cannot find shelter from it. The hero understands that his journey will not last forever, however it will give him the time to re-evaluate his life and maybe give him a chance to change and become a better person.

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This animation was great, and it brought me to a new band that I find interesting... "Summer God Teachings". I can't help but think that they sound like Jane's Addiction a bit, which I love. I really enjoy watching a sincere animation. I enjoyed this.


I loved this animation!!! there is something about it!!. And for the first time flasher .... this is amazing :) I remember how my first flash animation was ... not anything like this in a million years..., so well done Elena !!!

wow, interesting idea

a MovieClip is done very well!
Good job!!!

wow fantastic

what a fantastic job so cool


This flash was really , really good. It started off pretty weird but the ending summed it all up. The graphics were great! I like how everything became dim and dark in the end when the guy became violent. Also I like the image change in the memories he had. Everything was well put together and your sister did a great job!

Vleric responds:

Thats very kind, thank you very much!

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3.45 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
5:17 PM EDT