Siblings Untitled 04

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You should know what to expect by now.


Who ever created this should either be in an asylum or praised for their ability to fake LSD hallucinations.

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Sometimes you worry me. You. Worry me sometimes, bobert.

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Canadian eh?

What better way is there to respond to a screwed up video than with a stupid review? :D

Fantastically INSANE! Wow this was effed up in ways unimaginable and I actually feel dumber for watching it, but I guess when it comes down to it, just the experience was thrilling. I mean, watching someone talk to themselves as their other self is coming out of someone else's mouth...WHAT?!!

I guess one good thing would be we get to see more Max, she's cool. We also get to see bloopers...at least I THINK their bloopers. They're saying the same things over and over...I dunno I'm assuming their bloopers. They are bloopers and I'M STICKING WITH IT. But the best scene by far was Rob getting punched by what's-his-face from Wheel of Fortune...at least I THINK it's that guy. I'm assuming it's him. It's him and I'M STICKING WITH IT...

But I digress, the best thing about it was that it wasn't a usual april fools video. It was screwed up yes, but that was what made it enjoyable. At least it wasn't a Rick Roll. In short, it was great.

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Bob Barker, he used to host the Price is Right. Did it for like 30 years. The Wheel of Fortune guy has a rounder head. And yes that's how I'll differentiate them, haha.

But yeah, partly bloopers, partly extra joke scenes from 6, partly mind fucking april fools thing. Its-a many things. Thankfully good is one of those things. Thanks for watching!

Best video evar well one of the best

I would give this video 9 stars not to be rude its was a good video just saying it was kind of werid on certain parts but yo did very good on this one i hope you make more videos that are regular or some more Siblings untitled And also you made my brain all stretched out instead of being perfect and whatever f**king words relate to that

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, there won't be another untitled for another year, as April fools is when I do those. Meaning there's a good chance I'll be releasing a couple normal ones before another Untitled. Glad you got what you did out of it!

"I should know what to expect by now?"

I thought this was hilarious, but , I had no idea what to expect.

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Apr 1, 2011
5:11 PM EDT
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