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House of Dead Ninjas

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What's a ninja to do when he finds himself at the top of an infinitely tall tower filled with deadly enemies? Jump, stab, bomb, and make "HIYA!" sounds in this challenging platformer that pits you against endless floors of enemies and a ticking clock. The randomly generated tower is different every time you play, so bring your skill and speed and dive as deep as you can before the House of Dead Ninjas claims your little ninja soul.



this game is amazing for its retro feel and sometimes it actually wakes you up as you find yourself back flipping over enemies, 10 stars, deserves nothing less

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Perfect fast paced adrenaline kick

This game is so perfectly balanced and addictive that I've been coming back every time I have a few minutes free. That being said, I've probably spent way too much time than I should have playing this game. I have a few tips to add to the many tips previous reviewers have already written:

Reprogram the keys - I switched the up button to space bar. This way I can have one finger on each button at all times. I can now kill fattys and wizards (and many other enemies) by drop attacking them as I hop over them, Very powerful. This would be much harder to do if you had to move your right middle finger between the up and down key. This has also saved my butt plenty of times when dropping onto unforseen enemies.

Don't drop attack shield enemies - sometimes you land on the shield part.

Thin out the floor below with bombs - this becomes very important in the high 300's and beyond, when there are often several invincible enemies per floor. The falling blocks and some lasers can be killed by placing a bomb on the floor right over their heads.

Bait the frogs - if you stand over them on the level above, they will jump, and won't be able to jump again for like 2 secs. You can then drop down safely without worrying about them jumping you as you're falling.

Don't drop down next to skeletons - if they are just outside the range of your drop attack, they will rush you so quickly you can't defend yourself. so either drop right overhead or far away.

Slow your descent - it's dangerous to fall through several gaps in a row. You have a good chance of landing on an enemy, or committing suicide as you drop attack an invincible enemy. Slide against the wall or drop 1 level at a time.

That's it for now. I've made it to floor 428 so far.

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it's great

but i have a problem with the sensitivity of the controls and the time limit. this seems like a sped-up legend of Kain meets elevator action in reverse. I would like to see more explorationa nd rooms and the ability to climb back up levels out of reach . . . but i know this is YOUR game, and i dind't make it.

Amazing! Reached floor 309 ><

Great game. Fast paced, great to play, fun and addicting. Gets tricky but it's still really fun. I got to floor 309 where all the blocks look like D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Faces xD 10 stars, great game!

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50th foor,still.

This game gives you a retro feel every time you play it. I have got to say that I have never played such a fast-paced game like this, but that does not mean I hate it, in fact, I love it. The simplicity of this game just befuddles you when all you can do is watch yourself get killed so darn fast. This game will live on as one of the best arcade internet games.

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4.43 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
1:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle