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House of Dead Ninjas

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Author Comments

What's a ninja to do when he finds himself at the top of an infinitely tall tower filled with deadly enemies? Jump, stab, bomb, and make "HIYA!" sounds in this challenging platformer that pits you against endless floors of enemies and a ticking clock. The randomly generated tower is different every time you play, so bring your skill and speed and dive as deep as you can before the House of Dead Ninjas claims your little ninja soul.



hey i got one thing to say..... this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best ninja game

the title made me jump however its the best ninja game i ever played 5/5 10/10 amazing work dude :)

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Annex to guide below.
General: Don't fall through more than one floor at a time. It'll kill you more often than help you spare some time.
Bonus rooms: Some are protected by metal blocks, which can only be bombed. For strategy, think like that : if you have more than 20 seconds on the counter when you see them, engage. It counts ESPECIALLY with backdoors, as they take a lot of delay between entering and travel. Doesn't matter with golden clock rooms - take them always, especially if you normally can't keep up with time. Eye seems like the worst of all powerups, so if you have trouble with timer - don't take it.
Life gambit: Like in all arcade games with Life powerup system, risking your life to pickup a life MAKES sense. Worst situation: you get life, you die . You get few bonus seconds (as timer restarts) and lose all Pixies (see below). Best: +1 Life. Yeah.
Pixies: They serve for SCORE MULTIPLIER. So, having one DOUBLES score you'll get. Having 3 QUADRUPLES it. And you can have EVEN MORE. If you haven't figured out yet, they're the most important f'ing thing in the game. Also,*!IMPORTANT!* they make exception for the Life Gambit above: if you have more than one Pixie, risking (like, heavily) your life STOPS making sense.
Now, for the enemies tips annex:
Niji and Deezi (aka NinjaWannabes): easy kill. Shuriken preferred. Remember to take stars back.
Badoomba (aka Fatso): Jump and downthurst. Evade when unneeded. Neext.
Kinne (aka FoxMoFo): Atually, tip you'll find in in-game manual, "when you see him, DUCK!" makes sense. A LOT. Also, when you see his knife when you are falling, DOUBLEJUMP! You'll stay in the air, and knife will pass. Preferred: Shuriken. REALLY.
Giz (aka: $^&#* FROG!!!) Not really nice *author twitches* enemy. Rrr. Downthrust bugger when falling, when on floor I suggest throwing one star when ducked, then IMMEDIATELY standing up and throwing some more. Otherwise bugger may JUMP and evade them.
Nomit:(aka BleedingBones) Not so dangerous as it looks. Shuriken or sword. Actaually, his falling skill may be more dangerous than his running speed.
Knives:(aka GrassTopDragon) Inicknamed it for its "grasstop" horns visible when he's hidden. Remeber, true ninja is PARANOID. So be PARANOID and watch out for every sprinkle of GREEN. Argh. Otherwise, entry from below review works (crouch and star) PROTIP! Although it may not seem obvious, downthrusting him works.
WumWum (aka PurpleGrass): LOL. Oneshot form sword... Not so funny when combined with Eki (spiky balls).Crap. Luckily, it doesn't happen often.
Gror (aka HemorrhoidBlock*): Throw bomb on floor ABOVE him. Splash damage will take him too. Cool.
*if you don't get joke, watch "VG Cats Animated 2", here on NG.
Magicloke: (Aka Rincewind): Actually I hated him too, unless I read the ingame manual (do it too! "Read Manual" entry in MainMenu! It'll save your ass more than once...) and realised... that he isn't hostile.
He will NEVER attack you first. Never. That's why you get so many points for killing him: BECAUSE IT'S OPTIONAL. Just jump over him (you still get Collison Damage if you walk on him) and that's all. When you feel you MUST kill him, spam shurikens like mad.
Dainon: (aka IceCube): When his eye is low (in his lower half), then DOWNTHRUSTING HIM DOESN'T WORKS. Argh. But, doublejump control will allow you to evade him, won't it?
That's all, folks. Aha, and tips from jbloom88's review apply as well.

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Surely one of my all time favorites on newgrounds.com. Fast, but awesome gameplay and really nice graphics. Moreover I totally like those sounds you used. Very well done.

Here goes

Ok, first of all, I don't know if I should rate this game a 10 for how addicting it is... or a 1 for how glitchy and stupid it is sometimes. The reason it is glitchy is because sometimes the game doesn't register the keys I press sometimes and also occasionally when I duck to throw stars at the frogs, it STILL somehow manages to pass over their head. On to my guide to help you fellow NG and AS fans...

(The Enemies)
Deezi (Green Ninja): Walks slow. Easy to kill. Either down thrust, stab, or throw a star.
Niji (Purple Ninja): Same speed as Niji. Falls off platforms though. Watch from above. I suggest killing them before you drop, unless they are already stuck above between two walls.
Badoomba: Looks like a sumo wrestler. Takes two hits to kill with sword or stars. Bomb and down thrust kill take one. I suggest down thrusting on his fat arse.
Kinne: Looks kind of like a green fox? Throws daggers in the direction you're facing. Don't be too hasty with this guy. Wait for him to throw his dagger then KILL.
Giz: Annoying frog. You cant just throw stars at him. They'll fly over his head. You'll have to duck and throw. Also, you can slice him with your sword, but I suggest keeping your distance.
Madman: Electric guy that hugs the walls. Only way to kill him is with a bomb. Not worth it unless you really have to. Just stay away.
Karaka: A funny looking bird that hops up and down. Pretty easy to kill.
Knives: Looks like a dragon. Hides in the ground below. Sometimes hard to spot. Rears up and shoots a fireball at you the second you land. IMMEDIATELY duck once landing and throw a star at him.
Eki (Gray or Red Ball & Chain w/ spikes, Bouncing Ball with Spikes): Destroyable only with bombs. The gray one swings back and forth from below. The red one swings in a full circle. The bouncing one I hate the most. (It always seems to be in a set pattern, UP until you walk near it and somehow just manages to change pattern and hit you in the face.)
Wum Wum: Harmless tentacles sticking from the ground. They just slow you down. Just slice them with your sword and be on your little merry way.
Gror: A spiky looking block. Pounds downwards when you get too near. Destructable by bombs only. Just jump them unless you cant, then destroy them.
Nomit: A skeleton dude. Runs REALLY fast at you once you land on his floor. Easy to kill, but watch out. Dont underestimate him.
Trattip: A porcupine looking critter. If you kill him, he turns into a trap of spikes.
Ripper: Looks like a demon. Flies back and forth on a level up and down. Fairly easy to kill. Jump him for the "Jump the Devil" achievement.
Magicloke: I HATE this guy. Looks like a wizard. Shoots a ray of beam at you about every 3 seconds. If you hit him with your sword or star, he teleports and immediately shoots a beam at you. Takes two hits unless you down thrust or bomb. I suggest these ways to kill him.
Schimp: Ninja with a shield. Runs really fast back and forth. Only way to kill him is from the back.
Dainon: Tower of blocks. His eye is the killing point. Throw a star at him, or bomb him. Bombs kill him no matter what.
THE BAHAMUT: Some HUGE evil looking dinosaur with an evil laugh. Actually pretty easy to kill. Just throw four bombs at him. If you dont have enough I suggest throwing a few stars at him to back him up, then escape from him. He is not that fast. The sword will NOT effect him at all. Keep your distance. Kill him for the "Kill the Bahamut" achievement.

Extra tips!!!
1- ALWAYS down thrust enemies if you can from above.
2: I suggest always using ninja stars. It lets you keep your distance and you can always pick your stars back up. They are REALLY handy.
3: If you lose a life, dont just get back up from there. Get up and START running down as many floors while you can taking advantage of the invincibility.
4: The Bahamut only comes at you when you have 9 lives and have stayed alive for awhile.
5: See those "rooms" with two items in them? Down thrust the gray block to fall in and collect them. DO NOT go into the room if there is only item. It is a trap! (Eye & Clock rooms are fine.)

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
1:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle