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House of Dead Ninjas

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What's a ninja to do when he finds himself at the top of an infinitely tall tower filled with deadly enemies? Jump, stab, bomb, and make "HIYA!" sounds in this challenging platformer that pits you against endless floors of enemies and a ticking clock. The randomly generated tower is different every time you play, so bring your skill and speed and dive as deep as you can before the House of Dead Ninjas claims your little ninja soul.


funny shit

cool intro

Great but with some flaws

It's a great casual game but the cheap death's hurt it. Particularly; the green disappearing dragons. Sometimes you can't see them due to the textures of the floor covering up the green mark. I hate those frogs too, this game really encourage killing frogs. Another cheap kill is when an enemy is placed directly behind an item, and the item hides the enemy. You see this a lot with the dragons and skeletons.

Great game, but I really hate cheap kills like that. This version seems to be more lenient with lives than the one on [as].

I <3 u [as]

If [as] was i person i'd probably stalk them...

Another awesome game, and I dont give out alot of 10's. All the work that went into the manual too... these guys must've grown up an the same games I did, and the attention to detail blows my mind like an analogy i probably shouldn't make.

Awesome, AWESOME!

Really, this has such and old-school feel to it, remembers me of the old games, and on the manual thingy when there are the drawings on the end, such an awesome feel to it!
The game is really good, my only problem is the timer, it makes thing so, so hard! Great game though, 5/10 and fav'd.

This is what Games are made of !!!!!

I dont write reviews much but after playing this game.... I had to write this...

It's SUPER-FEAKINGLY-ADDITIVELY-AWESOME !!!!! Yes there is no other adjective

Everything from fluid controls to fast skillful game play to its replay value... man you should make us pay for this... XD

PS: PLZ Make a Sequel... PLZ....

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2011
1:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle