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Sonic 15th: April Fools

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I know I said I wouldn't make a fourth installment of the trilogy, but I had a LOT of requests for it.
So for the past year, I have pretended to be retired so I could work on this animation, and this one alone!

It took a LOT of power, and loads of man hours with friends. But here it is, part 4, the 100% final addition to the series!
Shard provided ALL the voices in this!
I did all the main animation.
MNM helped code the games.
And S-E5000 and Blox worked on the Easter Eggs

Returning fans, welcome.
New fans, check out parts 1-2-3 first! ^_^

Enjoy the animation!

(Beware, the file may only be about 4mb, but its still over 10minutes long)


that was so lol!!! Like it's loading... so Shudap! and Play the damn thing!

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RicStrife responds:

The loading message is a reference to Oddworld games, which say "It's loading, so get over it" and "Now loading, so sit down an' shaddap"

I feel so stupid now. >__<

Gaaaahh. And I felt sorry for missin this b4. Now, I feel silly again. >w<

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RicStrife responds:

Still breaking hearts and ruining dreams, now I can sleep happy.

I know what alt-f4 does.
It's not funny, not boring.
I just don't see the funny part in this thing.
God damn when do you will release 15th 4real?
5 stars I'm a fan your fucking lucky boy

RicStrife responds:

Well, this was an April Fools :P
I'm currently trying to figure out how to do Sonic 15th 4Real, with time constraints and such, I'm having problems, but trying. The main issue, is I'm worried I'm getting rusty, so if I do make something, it will be something else first to test my skills.

hmmm april fools! i thought at first it was some special part from this flash and it was a tirck oh happy april fools by the way

RicStrife responds:

Takes me back to when people didnt know this was a gag


o ouch charlie..... sheen

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RicStrife responds:


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1.55 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
7:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original