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Clarence's Big Chance

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Clarence's Big Chance is a silly game where you play as an ugly, middle-aged virgin who's finally managed to get a date for the first time in his life. He doesn't want to mess it up, but he also has to go through his daily routine!
So you need to jump around platforms in four large levels, collecting items in order to make a better impression on the girl at the end.
There are five endings; the one you get is determined by how many items you collect, and whether you say the right things during the date at the end!

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i love that gameit soo good

It's a great game but I hate platformers (mostly because I'm terrible at them).

I think this game is brilliant.
I wasn't a fan of killing the sex workers at all and while I know that there are others animals and people that you can "kill" by jumping on their head, for some reason killing the sex workers really bugged me.
Other than that, this is my, maybe sixth time playing, and I think that says a lot about this game in and of itself.
Really, really well done and fun.

Played this long ago on another site, and had a blast finishing it here, but way different than previously. Just for fun, I had Clarence collect everything at home, cleaned up, a healthy breakfast, but went to work wearing nothing but tighty-whities. No clogs. Completed all the tasks at work, finished the city level with every dime and went on the date. Alternate ending possibilities are what make this game so much fun! The best ending is hilarious, but the possibilities? Worth replay just for that.

Weird game. Great level design, fun enemies and environments, and good dialogue and descriptions. I like when there are lots of items and secrets to find. But this game really doesn't need all the "whores," it's is very rude to fat people, and it presents a bit of an archaic view of women overall. It also has the somewhat unpleasant Groundhog's Day-type idea that if you know enough about a woman, you can manipulate her in the right way so that she'll fall in love with you. Suffice it to say that I don't think many women were consulted in the making of this game.

But I do love driving a pink car through an occupied office building.

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4.65 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
1:49 PM EDT