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Reflex Snake

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A new vector physics based snake game with realistic movements. Game has unique 18 levels with 12 achievements and 3 unlocks and a bonus Time Trial Mode!

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Nice - thanks!

An entertaining divergence from the traditional 'snake game' - in the original the snake can't cross back over its own body - that becomes a great little game in its own right.

The whole play of physics and momentum calls back to 'lunar lander' as well, and it adds a certain something to this. While it DOES take a while to get used to how the snake moves (and I get the *feeling* - sorry - that different surfaces have different levels of friction and 'snake slide')

The music was catchy and engaging without being distracting, even the 'death sound' failed to annoy (even after the many failures while ascending the learning curve.

The art style is clean and simple (and probably easier to animate fluidly).

The provision of achievements is a nice little dessert course added to this light but tasty meal, too.

The only criticism I could find (after much searching) is a fiddly little nitpick over the 'graffiti font' for some of the menu info - it seemed to jar against the rest of the style of the game - music, graphical design, etc. But that's more a subjective taste issue. In the end, I 5'ed this and you can see what I review it as.

Thank you for sharing this enjoyable diversion with us!

The controls

I just don't understand the physics of the controls. It feels really sticky, and your speed seems to be dependant on what you're trying not to do.

Not bad.

It mostly just drives me nuts I can't go diagonal. Aside from that, it's smooth and whatnot, good game. Kicking the old school up a notch.

Credits & Info

2.33 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
12:34 PM EDT