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Wayfinder 2

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http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=bP18uc_WNFc << walkthrough (you need to remove any spaces in the link)

Note - Fixed the lorestrome banner, sorry, that was for FlashGameLicense. Don't freak out guys, was an honest mistake :D You guys may need to refresh the game if you've already started it. I'm so sorry about it.

One day I would like to make something really serious in the Wayfinder universe. Like a cartoon or maybe a really decent comic. Wayfinder 1 was the first thing I ever made in flash all by myself. It had serious flaws and a lot of people didn't care for it, but I learned a lot in the process. Especially Actionscript. I just kinda dove in and I've enjoyed learning more with each title since.

This is less of a game and more of an 'experience' in that the actual GAME aspects of it are really simple and easy. People are going to scream (too easy) and that is fine. It isn't meant to be hard. Also, the game didn't turn out as diverse as I'd planned, primarily because I had to keep it under 10 megs. There just wasn't room to add more options and stuff like I would have liked.

Anyway, enough of that. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Great stuff man

Well, first the praise- I loved the story line, as well as the fundamental idea behind it all. And the game play wasn't too bad.
Now the few problems I had. The puzzles and finding things alternated between really easy, and really hard. For example- the code to open the door. For the life of me, I couldn't find it. Same with the recharging puzzle. I had no idea what to click to operate that thing again. You almost relied too much on the player's desire to click on everything in a point and click adventure. There was no guidance at all during the game. On the other hand- the final puzzle came over as incredibly easy. Another issue I had is to make things like the security card a little easier to see- but that's only because I am practically blind.
That said- I still loved the game, and made it through with only some difficulty. I hope that you will continue making games- and I will play them. yes i did steal this from the review below what can i say im lazy ^_^


Although it was a bit hard to find the items lying around (they weren't all that obvious ^^;;) it was nonetheless a great point and click game. I wish you make
Gearlock episode 2 as well!
Voice acting was epic as well btw

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks dude, and yeah I do plan to make another gearlock in the future. ^_^

great game!

Great game! only one big issue. So far, IU have gotten a strange big green square on the screen with a website url listed on it. Now this wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for it covering the dialogue area. so now I cant see what choices I can do to further the story...kinda sucks, I'm really into it but the damned huge square is in the way!

Can you fix this asap? I'm really wanting to continue the game! I'll make some random guess , as I can see only some choices last few letters. So it may kill the progress in choosing wrong.

In spite of that glaring block to the playability to the game, I know it can be easily fixed (re sized small or removed?) I'm giving your game full marks!

5/5 10/10

Please fix this as soon as you can. Thanks!


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Hyptosis responds:

That mistake has been fixed, I'm so daft, haha.


just like the last it was great little hard at times but possible without a walkthrough. But was there a point to the weird item in the first room or was it for fun?

Hyptosis responds:

It's just there for fun. :D

I enjoyed it allot :)

I liked way finder 1, the only problem was that for some reason there was a huge lag and moving the mouse was hard, including certain parts that required you to look at the symbols. I liked that level up system too. Here I liked the fact
it was more point & click and you can choose how your actions affect the outcome.
It gave two flavors to this series which I like. I was a lil bummed how my game ended, but I guess I will find out what happens next in part 3. If you make it a movie or a game or a comic please let us know.

Hyptosis responds:

I will do, thanks for the kind words. ^_^

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4.21 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
9:43 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 4th Place April 1, 2011