Dark Madness 1 (trailer)

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well, hello newgrounds and friends, family, people, and more of newgrounds my serie dark madness 1 to the summer


why to the summer??
r= because i´m lazy now....and i need finish first the collab

why the trailer is less bad than the first???
r=i animate more best the trailer than the other but too is bad i´m lazy now.. but don´t worry dark madness 1 is more better animated than dark madness 0.5

and BioSoldier167 is the artist of the zombies...the dark zombies are my original idea but biosoldier make some zombies to my serie if you see this trailer you can see the zombie....the name of the zombie is: Dark Zombies v.2 or Dark soldier or upgrade of the first dark zombies...whatever....bio soldier is the creator of this sprites....i give you credit for the sprites my friend and too i givi you credit when i upload this chapter on newgrounds for now is a trailer but in this trailer are one zombie but is you art and.... whatever, you understand, right??? ok.....


OMG Productions! It made me laugh OH MY GOD PRODUCTIONS! GOD! THIS IS FUNNY!!! It's gonna be awesome video or movie :p

AX3L001 responds:

Its the only name i have in mind when i do this animation LOL

you are spanish?

AX3L001 responds:

I speak spanish, but im mexican xD


petry nice, i can't wait the movie, good job guys :D

cant wait

cant wait til it comes out so i can rate it dude keep up the good work

AX3L001 responds:

yeah, i cant wait too...but maybe i finish DM to december 20

te felicito axel

buenas ideas xD

AX3L001 responds:

"gracias earl" SCORE
by: AX3L001 10
date: a few seconds

terminando ese capitulo xD

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2.61 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2011
2:26 AM EDT