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Space is Key

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Author Comments

A little experiment I made a few weeks ago. It's evolved in to quite a fun addictive little game!

Jump through 15 levels worth of pixel exploding mayhem. Such a simple concept, but are you sure you can do it?

I hope you like it.

Mutes in the top right in case you need it, and also there is a death counter in the top left.

Version 1.04 - Added a little delay after spawning to stop jumping straight after dying.

February 2012 - For some reason the game is suddenly crashing at level 7. I'm looking into this with adobe as I've not updated the game, I think it's a problem with a flash player update.


i fucking hate trial and error games!

i get so pissed off at them but then i get competative with my self and never stop untill i get epic!!

1st try, 482 deaths.
2nd try, 199 deaths.
3rd try, 217 deaths.
4th try, 120 deaths.
5th try, 163 deaths.
6th try, 94 deaths.
7th try, 173 deaths.
8th try, 64 deaths.
9th try, 77 deaths.
10th try, 45 deaths!!!!!!
11th try, almost broke my laptop so stopped playing.


2286 death
almost 2K deaths on lv10
i finished solely so it wouldnt be a "don't give it a low score because you can't take the difficulty" thing

good music, set up and colors
these kinds of games are usually rather entertaining, but always stupidly hard
was happy that for once, someone put in a rather forgiving checkpoint system
however, the fact that there's really only one single spot that you can hit space to make it (absolutely horrible on lv10 where it wouldn't even let me jump soon enough for periods of time) coupled with the fact that there's no way to stop yourself, not even a pause button made this just stupidly annoying and difficult

Too unforgiving, room for improvement

Not a new concept but still could be enjoyable enough as a casual game except this is anything but casual. Check your timing on some of the jumps. The best human reaction speed is about 0.1 seconds and I suspect that the window of opportunity for making a good jump is less than this with the result being that there is no skill, only guessing and luck in this game.

If you don't want to widen the window of opportunity to at least 0.2 seconds or more, you need to give some help for timing jumps. Music could be very good since the beat could help us anticipate a jump point, but the music that you've got is both unhelpful and distracting. Turning of the speakers is better. Also, fix the colors and maybe use some sort of cell-shading; it's very hard to guess distances when it's hard to see edges and distances.


some of those color combinations hurt my eyes. i'm not exaggerating, on the blue/orange level after the upgrade, i couldn't look at the screen, my eyes started watering and forcing themselves closed. i had to quit.

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So simple... so simple-mindedly frustrating.

Annoying, impossible, and unfunctional.

Spacebar is tedious for a jump button these days. No pause button. really obnoxious to see yourself die without control. So yeah... fix that.

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2011
6:15 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid