Little Liquidator

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The Ocean is a dangerous place for a little acid spraying squid. Use mouse to control


have a haiku review

oh vicious lobsters
snarling, snipping, snapping -- ow!
can't we just be friends :c

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Komix responds:

There is but one Path.... kill them all!

Amazing :D

like every one says though, add some unlockables :D

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Had this game had an economy system....

and purchaseable upgrades it would have been epic. Also making a few permanent items (live varying levels of helmets) that you had to search for would have been bitchen.

Decent as is though ;)

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Fantastic Inky Fun

Overall, Awesome and Wonderfully challenging game design!!!

More Bonus Modes and power-ups would've been AWESOME, but for what its worth, it is truly MARVELOUS!!!

Movement and control are challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it become rather effortless; a good tactic is to hold the mouse button and maneuver while wait for the enemies to gather, then blast em' all at the last moment!

Very addictive and challengingly fun! AWESOMENESS!!!

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funnest thing i played today

after playing this game i could'nt stop the physics are spectacular and the game is all around fun. the idea of acid ink is classic, and i spent most of my time jumping out of the water XD i am hoping to see more games from you!

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4.27 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2011
6:35 PM EDT
Action - Other