Escape Wonderland

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You wake up, unaware of your surroundings in a familiar area. The one and only thing in your mind, ESCAPE. You soon realize why you are here and the twisted experiment going on. Stuck in wonderland; escaping from the fear of death, you must find a way out, or end up like The Rabbit.

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The aimless clicking and minimal descriptions left me scratching my head. You should try playing Shadowgate on the NES, taking some notes, and try to improve your set-up based on that.

Needs Work

Everything feels very crowded in this game. The cursor is enormous compared to the screen size, as are the message boxes and the interface. The crowding is further exacerbated by the big row of icons at the top for CafeCafe games and Juegos de Escape. The walkthrough button isn't too bad, but the misspelled "Solucion" button hangs out in what really should be in-game area. This definitely gave me the impression I was playing a game interface and not a game.

Second, the in-game graphics are pretty bad. You can tell that time went into them, and I really appreciate that, but at the start of the game you're dumped into basically a blurry white screen, with the text "where am I?" Where indeed, Delleno, where indeed? The same thing happens all over. I'm not convinced of the importance of many of the rooms or that I'll even interact with -anything- in them at any point in the game. Sometimes I'll move through a door having done nothing in the previous rooms, and yet immediately get locked out from them.

So the game needs work. Again, time went into the music and graphics. Just spend a little more time on design, and you'll be making really good games.

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1.56 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2011
3:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click