Angry Animals

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Help Animals to fight with Aliens.
Make much damages to get more points.

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Very colorful!

I am surprised that this game is not more popular, because it really has a lot of good things going for it! First of all, the gameplay is very original and secondly, the designs are great! I had trouble knowing when the cutscene was going to end. Anyway, I loved the cute little sounds that came on whenever you threw one of those animals around. It really is a completely absurd game that works very well! Every level makes you eager to go on and see what comes next.

There is so much detail put into all of the creatures' designs. It was also great with how you got to see the patterns you made before with your creature. It makes you remember how far you got last time and when you could use it to your advantage. I also love how gracefully the animals just fly across the screen. I have little clue what's going on, but it's tons of fun!

Got potential...

Yes, as many people have mentioned, this is quite obviously based very, very closely off the popular game "Angry Birds." However, as was also mentioned that it's very common to see great games based on other great games. And the flash here was fantastic.

A piece of advice, though: generally, when you borrow a concept from another game, you either include something along the lines of "Inspired by the game _____" in the description or title screen, and/or you make it look a LITTLE tiny bit LESS... well, exactly like the original. Otherwise, people think you're ripping someone else off and trying to share in the glory of their cool idea, while taking credit for it.

One more suggestion: you've done a wonderful job creating another version of an already popular and successful game; if you created this because you've got coding potential, but you're short on ideas for games, why don't you try looking at some less popular/successful games, and making their concepts your own, improving them, and MAKING them succeed? (While crediting the originals, of course! ;D) Just a thought.

Overall, great gameplay, though-- keep up the good work! :)

is good but

you could least of gone a diffrent way with the style and animation of the game jst its such a copy good game tho 5/10 2/5


Just another angry birds ._.'


A lot of people base their games off of others so I don't see a big deal that this is like angry birds. *shrugs* It was good.

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2011
12:26 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other