Party Time?

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This is what happens when you give an terrible animator 5 minutes to make an animation.

I made this when I was half-asleep.

While messing around in Garageband, I made a crappy break-beat and mixed a bunch of annoying loops with it. I then had an urge to make an animation of a box dancing.

You can see why I don't ever submit to the animation portal. I am sorry for wasting your time.

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Ok I admit it was pretty funny. I got a good laugh out of it. Not the best thing in the world but it made me smile lol.

I LOL'd.

And the song you used was made out of garageband loops.
But it could have had more.


although to some people this maybe funny but i hardly think thats the case here it serves no real purpose but to just loop annoyingly over and over so yea only 1 nothing deserves a 0

Heh heh

This is one funny flash

Yep, Pretty Much a Horrible Blight Upon the Earth!

For a do-it-yourself job, it's pretty... bad. There is some wit to be had in this piece, although that music will freak people out and I'm sure the visuals can cause epilepsy.

I know a guy in Australia, his name is Jon. When he composes a Flash he makes a note to count the number of hours it took and how many weeks. His material is incredible, but some take close to 100 hours of time to compose. Give yourself that amount of time, spread across several days, before you come back with a new Flash for us.

marmph responds:

Thank you for the very thoughtful review. Don't worry, this will never happen again.

The fact is, I have worked (and am working) on some games that are months-long projects. I just thought it would be interesting to see people's reactions to this kind of animation.

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Mar 29, 2011
2:20 AM EDT