Castlevania Whip Crack

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This game was so hard for me. I can recall when ever I get to the grim weeper I pretty much quit. But there was that one time I actually beat that floating skeleton, One life left I fought my way up to Dracula's chamber. And fought him. Only to get owned. NO!!! This is pretty much how it was, to a point.

The animation was done with two artist. We were trying to get this posted a few days back but like normal flash at the end wants to fight back. So now I'm just biting my lip and calling it good.
I really didn't expect this to get Front Page. Thanks Tom.


I've seen better, but I've seen worse...

Not too bad, Your animation is kind of sloppy, but the artwork was not horrible... It kind of jumped over the place. I feel like some people can be mad critical, however, I've seen pieces that take the cake in being a complete piece of shit. I say this wasn't a complete failure, you just have to keep working at it is all. Try not to drag on your pieces either... That last part was kind of painful to watch.

Horrible, Gross, Ignorant...

Animation -- 1/10, it was aweful...I suggest taking more time next time to make it look less like a power point presentation and make it flow more smoothly.

Sound -- 0/10, it was annoying to listen to. The music wasn't really all that great and it wasn't used properly with the animation as a whole. The sound effects were dull and drab, didn't feel good.

Story -- 0/10, what are you ten? It was an insult to Castlevania fans everywhere. Try to be more original than to make a story about a Gay Dracula wanting to be "Whipped" - thats not funny in the least bit. Combined with the disgusting animation it was just an eye sore.

Voice -- 0/10, get some lessons. This made me feel like I was watching "Tim and Eric" or something retarded like that. It was low-grade voice acting at its worst, you need to practice more.

Overall -- 0/10, there was nothing redeeming about this animation. The graphics were terrible, the sound was aweful, the story was dis-tasteful and childish, the voice acting was kindergarten grade.

Suggestion(s) -- Work on animation more / Try voice acting elsewhere or making samples online / Have more appriciation for the game or thing you parody / Be more original / Grow up and stop thinking about dick jokes and gay jokes its not funny.

Please, just stop being ten....We have enough shitty movies on NG.

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haha funny not the best thow


I didn't like it. I'm sorry, but nothing in the writing, voice acting, or animation was even remotely funny to me. I mean that's not to say the animation was bad, it was actually animated quite fluidly (although I thought the drawlings were quite sketchy and haphazard). But the story and overall content just didn't entertain. Better luck next time.


This is what Superjail is doing to people's brains.

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Mar 28, 2011
11:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody