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Horace And The Deer

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This is pretty much my first flash animation. It's about a boy named Horace who is lost in an unknown world. He doesn't know how he got there. Or if he might be in more animations in the future. All he knows is there is a deer outside.

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Wow man...

You got this from that Alice in wonderland game I think episode 2? Well anyways decent job...

StevenCarpenter responds:

I don't think i've played that one... But thanks!

Oh Deer

That has the right atmosphere for creepy, and how the deer popped at the the window. Wish there was a little more. Fix your BGs so they fit the screen and you should have a good animation. Keep it up.

StevenCarpenter responds:

Apparently it's not the same on my computer. It looks like they fit for me... But I'm glad you like the creepyness!

Creepy but a Major Camera Issue

I saw WHITE in the first shot. Apparently, the camera is messed up. Either reposition the symbols to cover that up or adjust the scripted camera (or whatever). Reset the parameters of the flash if you have to.

Eerie and bizarre to say the least. The music improved this effect. I still think Horace is too cartoony to convince us of the mood, though. The deer was somewhere between Bambi and The Ring. Interesting Play Button, too. Even if this is a half-baked first flash, a strange style and potential exists in the author.

StevenCarpenter responds:

Where do you see white? I don't see any when I play it. Thanks for the constructive criticism though!

The Deer

The Deer looks like it's from a game called The Endless Forest.

As far as the actual flash was concerned, it was intriguing but lacking in any substance, you should have developed the story moe before making it.

StevenCarpenter responds:

Hmmm, I've never heard of that game. Interesting. I actually was going to add at least a little more, but I was having problems with the audio and couldn't find a solution anywhere on the web so I just decided it was done. My next one will be longer for sure.

I...Just wet my fucking pants...

Scary as shit...like salad fingers scary...

StevenCarpenter responds:

Great! I was hoping it would be!

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4.61 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2011
7:55 PM EDT