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Hello newground user. It's my first game! So please don't rate it severely ^^. I hope you will enjoy my game, it has nice music in the background, also it's nice designed (I hope you favor my opinion :D ). It's just simple relaxing card game to play everywhere by everybody.

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I disagree....

with the last guy on one thing. There is no skill to this game. Your decisions are based on PERCENTAGES and luck. Other than that he's right about everything else. You should add some different animations to the game to make it more visually appealing (right now it's a little plain) and do something to make the game a bit more challenging. Other than that, for your first game it's pretty good.

Combination of skill and luck

So this game does rely on luck to a certain extent, with a good pretence. The combo bonus can enable you to get very high scores and the concept is great.

Perhaps you could make it 54 and throw a few jokers in there, with a slight tweak to the mechanics that a pair would mean the end of the combo, since 6 isn't higher than 6, nor is it any lower.

A good background, that might be complimented by the animation of a croupier's arm removing the cards from a shoe, perhaps with the face on show, so you could choose who deals, this would give the game more appeal.

Also, difficulty settings would be another way to add diversity to the game - more decks, so a much higher chance of drawing a matching card, but the chance of an exact match, which could give more points, as opposed to killing the chain would be a way forward.

Plenty of scope to take this game forward. Best of luck!

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2011
7:04 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other