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Demon Tales Ep1 "Pilot"

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Author Comments

First Episode of Demon Tales finally arived on Newgrounds.
I got to say. I had alot of setbacks in this project. Sound Sync problems.
Wich i managed to fix. But it made the project WAY to big..
Still trying to find a way to compress it though..

And for those who don't have the patience to watch this way to big flash version.

Youtube Link:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=s9MwQuGNMhU

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"No that can't be! That's impossible!"

"No that can't be! That's impossible!" that line in films never gets old to me.

Demon Tales Ep1 "Pilot" digging the story line. Sound and audio script was great. Good job Jochem Wiertz (Jochio)! 9 out of 10 solid. I also, agree with what Coop posted below. Keep up the good work!

Great setting

Okay, so some of the drawings were a little "off", with the way that the zombie at the end looked strangely angular, as if it were out of Minecraft, while the rest of the animation seemed smooth and free flowing, but I can't fault it all that much, as this is a fantastic start to the piece.

You've laid out a decent foundation for something that could run and run, as there is no end in sight for this take, more a beginning and we don't know quite how long that will take you to get over to what might be an end, or even a red herring.

Certainly deserving of an award, but some issues have cropped up that might need a little attention - the way that some of the musical cues contrast so much, they might need a little more "filler time", to allow the dark and mysterious one to fade out, before the comparatively "light and airy" one comes in for the next scene.

The character development looks good, though with the script writing, you would develop the character quicker with more dialogue, as opposed to monologue. Get him some people to talk to and that should get the viewer more interested in the fate of the character, as they build a rapport with him.

Very positive start, I expect good things from this series.

[Review Request Club]

Nice start

-Kind of a sad start to things. Very eerie atmosphere and the characters are vibrant. Yet you don't reveal too much about them which makes it quite the teaser. Nice and effective way to draw people into the story for future episodes.

- Voice acting is good and i'd say they fit the characters well. Overall design and story so far is compelling to say the least and could make a rather good series. The ending suprised me quite a bit. Really wasn't expecting that.

-Only thing i'd say that needs work is animating character movements and lip-synching needs a bit of a touch up. If this series is going to be as action oriented as it looks to be then smoother, crisper movements are going to be needed.

-Review Request Club

Jochio responds:

Yea, The Animation thing is going to inprove in the second episode :)
Alot of this was done around januari 2010. And the project got put on hold for a while
I learned alot of new things during that time though, and i will use this in the second episode.

Alot will be explained in the second episode. So stay tuned!


You had me hooked right from the beginning with the voice acting and how that whole plot unfurled. I liked the voice acting too.

I hope you continue the series, I'm interested in seeing and hearing more.

Looks promising

THis actually looks to be quite a promising series to be honest. The fact that it hits front page the next day is rather pleasing and good to know. The plot looks to be good. What was with that dude at the start who broke free and was absorbing people? Is that the only demon there or what?

The animation looks very good here. Didn't miss a beat and you added a lot of details too. The background layer for the boat scene was good as it looked pretty realistic in a way I suppose. You have a good start there anyways.

The choice of audio was rather relevant and kind of adds a good effect to the flash to kind of give the viewer a glimpse into the foreshadowings and forecomings to happen in this series too. The voice acting was rather solid, also enjoyed how you added a demon sound to the one person's voice.

Overall, superb job here. Looking forward to it.

Review Request Club

Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2011
2:21 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place March 28, 2011