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The Heart of Stone

rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Mar 27, 2011 | 9:56 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Created in 87 hours (over 3 months)
Created with Adobe CS3 and Reaper

Ezekiel 36:26,
The parable of the Prodigal son (Best explained in John MacArthur's sermon "A Tale of Two Sons"),
and the sermons titled "The love of God" by Paul Washer

Hooley Dooley! I was wondering why so many people were checking my animation out. One of the featured movies...... Thanks Tom and/or everyone involved.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


What does it mean to be human?

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nahtanojmal responds:

In the animation, to be human means, having a new nature that is able to love God. and having a new body that is justified from sin and free from the curse of following it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Your animation does something with the story that I've not seen before, it expresses the reaction that many people have to the message "I love you". At first the idea of God loving me was a wonderful one, but over years of silence from heaven, "I love you" was the most hurtful thing anyone could say. I know what it's liked to be loved by a father, and God does not do that. Giving me life is not love, because life is suffering. The continual message "God loves you" becomes meaningless, even the reverse of its message. I like how your animation expresses that at the beginning where the robot crushes the message, I wonder if people in general understand the depth of what's going on there.

nahtanojmal responds:

That's right.
Going up to a stranger and saying "Jesus loves you" is annoying. Most modern churches ignore our inner sinfulness, depravity and rebellion to God but that is the thing which makes the need for Him make sense.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nicely done, but not what it could've been

I really did like how you portrayed it... lots of meaning behind it, the way a movie should be.

the point off, however, is for quality of the video and continuity (going logically from 1 thing to another)
if your going to make another flash animation like this, try to get at least 1 more frame in between each one, at certain points (if not the entire length of it) you can tell it 'skipping' from frame to frame, making for an animation that is anything but smooth.
also, when watching it, I felt as though there should have been another scene (short, perhaps, but still a scene) in between where the robot takes the other robots hand, and switching to the king riding through the rain. at this point, the robot has just unexplainably jumped from wandering around on her own, to being tied up. was the other robot the same one torturing her? maybe she was kidnapped after they met while in the city and the 'torturer' was someone else? maybe she was in the city and collapsed (due to low catalyst) and was taken there (like a fake doctor...). I know from other comments you made you were trying to keep parts of it to the audience imagination, but you really have to be careful about that for storyline sake because if you go to far people will just be left completely in the dark and no idea what's going on.

other then those 2 points, very well made, I loved the music, the underlying story was well thought out, just I think you could've done better.

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nahtanojmal responds:

She was led by the red haired robot/spirit to the hill and a different robot was doing the procedure.
Okay I'll keep it in mind not to keep the audience in the dark too much. Thanks


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've- Never reviewed a flash before but this one stood out and touched me i love the story animation and music it really captivates the viewers and well since u said in some way its religous i believe at the ending it was like (god) the man in the flash was forgiving the robot (human) for all its sins and cleansing her of them giving her a chance to start anew like i said i dont review flashes but goddamn sir this was amazing and made me tear up a bit im lookin forward to your future work please keep it up because you just earned yourself a #1 fan :)

nahtanojmal responds:

Hey Thanks Bladeonix


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome flash.

I'm actually anti-religious, personally, but I can appreciate the power behind this tale regardless of that fact. However, I was brought up in a Catholic, church-going family and education system until I left home and was able to make my own choices based on my own assessments... as such, I know the Bible pretty well. My point after all this background is that this flash is an impressively creative take on the parable you've referenced.
If I'm understanding it correctly, the "King" or "Father" figure created the protagonist female robot character (ie. the prodigal son), who then rejected him and flew off to be tempted away by worldly material values, etc. This eventually got the better of her (not sure exactly what's going on in that scene, mind :P) after which the father figure bursts in, forgives her for her desertion and releases her from her sticky situation and the confines of her robot body as a result (ie. throws the son a party upon his return, even though he squandered his gifts/inheritance). I think. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Anyway, the animation was good, the story/message not particularly applicable to me as an agnostic but still appreciable outside of that religious context, and both worked together extremely well. You've created something artful here. Nice one ;)

nahtanojmal responds:

Yep that sounds right. Though there is a lot hidden behind the parable in the Bible that you need to understand the (Eastern) culture it takes place in to get a proper perspective (as explained in the sermon I referenced "tale of two sons").

Thanks very much for your encouragement Trafalgar