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4P Racer

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Classic 2D style racing game, play alone or with your friends.

* 5 different tracks (More will be added later)
* Up to 4 player multiplayer

Use WASD or arrow-keys to control your car.

Up/Down = accelerate/brake
Left/Right = steering

Enter or U to chat

Try not to miss checkpoints and try not to drive in the grass / dirt!

* If i get nice reviews i will give you the cheat codes :P *

Also if anyone has sources to good sounds, please PM me.. Especially collision sounds.. They are horrible i know :(

If you find the bots to be to easy, try typing this in chat:
/set botSkill 1.02

Other commands:
/set nextLevel [1-5]

* fixed level 2 in singleplayer (bots got stuck/confused) *
* fixed collision with world bug *
* fixed multiplayer mapchange not working! Really sorry for people who experienced this *
* Fixed bots getting stuck *
* Players will now nocollide if they are pushed into objects *
* Minor fixes + leaderboard *

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'collision with world bug'?
If by that you mean when you get stuck in tires after getting hit by a 'bot', then it's still not fixed. Not only that, but I've seen tons of games similer to this, AND THEY WORK BETTER. Keep up the work, but try and make it your own, and check the bugs yourself on perhaps multiple servers, and make sure they're completely gone before relesing it. Although, a few small bugs that won't hurt anybody that you constantly tweak into perfection are okay.

reefermadness responds:

Hi ! No it wasnt that one actually, but i removed a bugfix that unfortunately made getting stuck worse.. I have added nocollide if a player or bot gets stuck.

not so good

The game is unplayable without extra settings. If the bots mess up (which happens a lot in the second race) they don't enter the track again, meaning the race will never be finished.

You should make it so that the game ends once the human player/s finished his/their game.

reefermadness responds:

I have made the bots a bit more robust, as they wont get stuck for ever now..

there is lots of extra settings to play with:

/set nextLevel [1-5]
/set accSpd [0.5-2ish]
/set botSkill [0.95-1.05ish]

also added /endrace
IF a bot should get stuck!

Need to be fixed

The concept is nice and the graphics are alright, but there are alot of bugs you have to fix.
For example if the opponent's cars are stuck you can't win or lose, the round just never finish.

reefermadness responds:

The gettings stuck stuff should be fixed now. thanks for the nice review :-)

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2011
8:18 AM EDT