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Sonic Boom Cannon 3D!

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Mar 26, 2011 | 7:39 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Well its that time of year again~ After several months of hard labour and sleepless nights, I am happy to present : Sonic Boom Cannon 3D!

This one is quite a bit smaller than SBC2 and it takes a slight "redirection".
15 characters~
15 store items~
+ A secret ending~
+ secret ending reward!

Objective :

Shoot into the horizon for distance and rings.
The more rewards are rewarded for more distance and amplified by how many characters you have unlocked.
Use the rings to unlock more characters and store items to help you along the way.
Unlock everything for the secret ending!

Controls :

Up / Down - Adjust the angle
Space - Fire!
1-6 - Use a booster after they're unlocked

Hold A - Abort the current run (no rings will be earned from distance)
S - Turns ON/OFF Sound effects
D - Turns ON/OFF Songs
M - Skips the current song
(to permanently skip the song, just the music section in the options screen)

Secret Ending Controls :

Z - Attack
Arrows - Move
Z + Arrows - Dash attack
Space - Jump

This will be the last Sonic Boom Cannon
This will be the last Sonic Boom Cannon
This will be the last Sonic Boom Cannon

(Unless SEGA contacts me to lead an official SBC development project)

I have quite a few other projects on the go right now. My Zelda game has a completely working engine, It just needs a-lot of graphical work. Then there's 3 half finished music videos. And recently added to the list is a completely original archery and spells based collaboration game that should be finished soon enough.

I had to buy a website host and domain name. yes, now exists! If you may be so kind, please donate to support the new site. Link in the flash credits. Even 1$ helps

Thankyou to all my fans who've helped and awaited for this game. I hope it was worth the wait.
See you on the field ~ Xan32



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

awesome game

I love this game, the intro is very cool agin and the 3D thing is AWESOME. But i like the 2D Games more (SBC1, SBC2). Where do you got those Sprites from? Do you made the Hektor-Sprites yourself? They're cool. But i miss the names of the characters. And there is one more thing to say:
I know one sound from the game:
Creams "Thats it!" comes from the Nintendo DS Game "Sonic Rush".

Not bad at all: 9/10 5/5

I hope that SEGA does that ^^

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


12628ft hieght?!? with Shadow?!?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Can't decide whether or not I like the Gimmick.

While the character selection is very good, again you mix bittages, and the 3D thing is kind of odd. It's interesting at first, but after a while you just want to unlock everything and get done with it. If you do ever make another one, stick to 2D.
.......and the Computer Room tidbit made me chuckle.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great but not as good as it could be

Ah.Another Sonic Boom Cannon.As always you have amazed me to no end.As it was great and I could go on and on about the good things.I will focus on things that could be improved and some personal opinions.The aiming was as good as before simple and sweet.But it could have been allowed to turn left and right.Also the way of earning money seemed a little harder.And last,the sense of speed is a little slower than I would have liked.In my opinion the voices can get annoying after a while but still a little entertaining.Well I believe it is still a good final Sonic Boom Cannon.Shame it has to end.But It is still great.Still working on beating it.Thanks for the games!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I cant play

My eyes need like speacial contacs to play these games but i lost them and now i have to go get an eye check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!