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the Murder Paradox

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Mar 26, 2011 | 3:52 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage!

EDIT: We ended up first place in the regional rounds =D we will now have to compete against 12 other winners in the national competition next month, wish us luck!

This is our entry for a Dutch contest called 'de Kunstbende'. The theme of the contest is 'Illusion', and we tried our best to make something fitting to that theme. The Murder Paradox is a short story about a common illusion these days: "I'm worth nothing, Everybody is looking at me and they're all forming opinions against me".

This is our first real animation as a group and just the third one for Devionna, and we are really satisfied with the result.

Also, the soundtrack was made in Premiere after we exported the soundless quicktime file. The soundtrack was then added back to the flash version so we could upload it here. Therefore the audio may sometimes be a bit off-sync, but we really tried to fix it as much as we could.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sotally tober

I like this one eye have my I on you


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brilliant Collaboration

All things considered, I hope you get in the top 3. First place wouldn't be too bad, either!

"The Murder Paradox" is a classic take on perception that decries the notion that "Hell is Other People." It's moving and even has a twist.

At first, I thought this as another "Dot Dot Dot" rip-off, as there are countless text animations due to its popularity. Then I found the art direction and some voice-overs lacking. It seemed inconsistent. Then there was a firearm in the middle of the street. You never question something so out of place when it gets overshadowed by something even more shocking. As the plot unfolded I realized something amiss--a plot inconsistency--and then the twist came. By then I was hooked and came to realize that this is passable in its visuals but stunning in its depth and content.

The realization and juxtaposition between perception and reality toward the end is why "The Murder Paradox" is a great flash by itself and a surefire contender in the competition it was made for.

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NuclearTeddies responds:

Wooo, you used some fancy words, but I think I get all of it :)

I must admit that we were inspired by dot-dot-dot, but the story changed a lot in the progress of making the animation, and so did the function of the words.

At first we just wanted to start with the main characters arguing, with the words they used being visible. However, we later changed the story in a way that made not only the gun, but also the nemesis an illusion (therefore the 'paradox' was lost, but we liked the name :D ). The words would then return throughout the story a few times, to visualize the ideas and the true nature of the main characters :D

I'm really glad you got to like it by the end, even though you had some mixed opinions about it throughout the beginning :)

Also, we ended up first place in the regional rounds, which means we are up for the national competition next month :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good

:)Good sound, animation, music, art etc.

:)Good story, well expressed.
:) The sounc sync seems OK, if it is out I didn't notice.

The scene around the 'murder' is difficult to see as it is all dark
The english is good but not perfect- Its pronounced catastroPHE and the words
"tend to cope with" implies that people succeed in coping with it, whereas I am sure you mean "have to cope with"

On a philosophical note, I don't see the evidence that such things as paranoia are a new thing. IMO some people have always had these feelings and the "These Days" is an illusion.

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NuclearTeddies responds:

Thanks for the compliments :)

Glad the syncing problems don't show up too much, but we ourselves do notice it though. Luckily we know what I (Vadinci) did wrong, and Positron will upload a better version soon.

We also know our English isn't perfect (In the first text part I wrote "usefull" with two L's) but we are still young and have loads of time left to master the language.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

And they all lived happily ever after...

The whole idea is good for passing a message to society and people that are emo-tionally sick to the point that they feel inferior to others and constantly look at themselves down. I didn't like the idea of murdering, even if you have all the right in the world to do it. It's still a bad thing to do and should not be encourage. Other than that, its a movie talking about fighting and wining over our fears, to the point that we can be set free. So a Happy end, is a Good end.

In short. Good Movie, Nice Animation, Good Luck with outcome of it!

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NuclearTeddies responds:

Thanks for the review man!

He doesn't really murder somebody, it's all in his imagination. The thing is that he visualized everything he hates about himself in the body of his nemesis, but I think you got that though. We're absolutely not encouraging murder, but it just fitted the slightly dramatic story that the animation already had.