Bio Assault

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Officer Cadet 5 Points

Reaching area 1

Pilot Officer 5 Points

Reaching area 2

Lieutenant 10 Points

Reaching area 4

System Officer 10 Points

Reaching area 3

Captain 25 Points

Reaching area 7

Commodore 25 Points

Reaching area 8

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Reaching area 5

System Commander 25 Points

Reaching area 6

Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 10

Vice-Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 9

Chief Marshal 100 Points

Reaching area 11

Marshal of the System 100 Points

Reaching area 12

Author Comments

Bio Assault is a cyberspace shoot em up that will challenge your pilot skills to sneak into the most advance AI system Destrocom. Your top secret mission is to shutdown its central processing unit.

Thanks for playing. Hope you'll enjoy the game.

UPDATE(NGv2 uploaded)-------------
Guys sorry for the bug =(
-Unlimited shield bug fixed
-Note if you're experiencing lag. You can toggle quality by pressing [ Q ].

Special thanks to Tom and to all Newgrounders for the reviews.


found a bug

i reached section 11. the first two units spawned then nothing else. just kept flying. was able to move around and shoot and everything but no units spawned. and i dont believe the level ended eather. had to refresh the browser.

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pretty good

pretty good, but i think level 5 is a little too early for things to get so complicated and, well, CRAZY. i run around and in less than 5 seconds ive exploded. cant get passed the level.

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vice-marshall medal's broken

overall good game

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What? For a shooter of this type I actually thought it was way too easy... sigh ...

I just started by upgrading the byte magnet, from there it was easy get pretty decked out by level 5.

Great game ... concept was a bit overdone ... gameplay was also a bit uninspired ... but it was damn pretty.

Very smooth, very slick.

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Good, but...

The drones make it hard to dodge bullets and properly aim/shoot at enemies simultaeneously. They keep going around in a circle, hardly doing anything, and since they are the same color as the ship, while my eyes are looking at the enemy ships so I know where to shoot, those little annoying useless pieces of crap keep flying around, disorientating my sight of my own ship, which has a spot reserved in the off focus of my eye, but the drones are screwing up that reserve. Worse, I can't take the drones off. Please make it possible to UNselect drones, would make the game a lot better.

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2011
3:44 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight