Bio Assault

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Officer Cadet 5 Points

Reaching area 1

Pilot Officer 5 Points

Reaching area 2

Lieutenant 10 Points

Reaching area 4

System Officer 10 Points

Reaching area 3

Captain 25 Points

Reaching area 7

Commodore 25 Points

Reaching area 8

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Reaching area 5

System Commander 25 Points

Reaching area 6

Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 10

Vice-Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 9

Chief Marshal 100 Points

Reaching area 11

Marshal of the System 100 Points

Reaching area 12

Author Comments

Bio Assault is a cyberspace shoot em up that will challenge your pilot skills to sneak into the most advance AI system Destrocom. Your top secret mission is to shutdown its central processing unit.

Thanks for playing. Hope you'll enjoy the game.

UPDATE(NGv2 uploaded)-------------
Guys sorry for the bug =(
-Unlimited shield bug fixed
-Note if you're experiencing lag. You can toggle quality by pressing [ Q ].

Special thanks to Tom and to all Newgrounders for the reviews.


So awesome.

Only thing I wish was better with this game was the music. Not saying its bad, just really doesn't do anything for me.

Great game!

I didn't stumble across any problems at all while playing the game. I thought it was great. Although I thought it became a little easy, the graphics and upgrades made up for it.

At first, you should buy the magnet power up, and max it ASAP, it only has effect when you upgrade it to the max. Then, get the best gun. Put the rest of your bytes in attack power and Thread response attack systems. Use them at the bosses.
The minions are useless, by the way.

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Good but easy

I really enjoyed this game. But there were a few things that could be improved upon.
1. The movement speed skill feels maxed out at level 3 I dont see any reason to purchase another level when I can already dodge everything.
2. The boss battles were far to easy. Make the bosses more challenging by giving them multiple attacks and timed attack patterns. Then make each boss only share a few abilities or just keep adding new abilities.
3. It was a beautiful game but the ship is difficult to see when 100 things are firing at you.
4. The bits disappear far to quickly in the early levels. Killing an enemy at the top of the stage will make the bits float halfway down and then they are gone. Is it really necessary to make them disappear?

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Good Game+ Explanation

I really like the game, graphics and all. Gameplay is, as said before, a bit grind-y when reaching the upper levels, but is overall fun.

The game is called "Bio assault" because of the program launched by the human ITs into the Destrocom system, the literal interpretation being "Life attack," thus saying that the humans, the "bio" are attacking the nonhuman entity.

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Definitely an 80's Tron feel to it

Loved the graphics, good challenges. Getting enough bytes for upgrades was a problem until you upgrade the magnet option (I was getting 800-900 per level). The bosses could have been a little more inventive, they changed in shape, but still had the exact same firing pattern (which wasn't challenging at all).

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2011
3:44 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight