Bio Assault

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Officer Cadet 5 Points

Reaching area 1

Pilot Officer 5 Points

Reaching area 2

Lieutenant 10 Points

Reaching area 4

System Officer 10 Points

Reaching area 3

Captain 25 Points

Reaching area 7

Commodore 25 Points

Reaching area 8

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Reaching area 5

System Commander 25 Points

Reaching area 6

Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 10

Vice-Marshal 50 Points

Reaching area 9

Chief Marshal 100 Points

Reaching area 11

Marshal of the System 100 Points

Reaching area 12

Author Comments

Bio Assault is a cyberspace shoot em up that will challenge your pilot skills to sneak into the most advance AI system Destrocom. Your top secret mission is to shutdown its central processing unit.

Thanks for playing. Hope you'll enjoy the game.

UPDATE(NGv2 uploaded)-------------
Guys sorry for the bug =(
-Unlimited shield bug fixed
-Note if you're experiencing lag. You can toggle quality by pressing [ Q ].

Special thanks to Tom and to all Newgrounders for the reviews.


Great game, love the retro style.

A lot like DN8, with great medals. I failed cause I didn't even realize that the bytes the things dropped were the cash XD. I also love the retro theme, and how you have many choices in the upgrades menu. I've never really seen a game with this many upgrades in a little game. One thing though is that, after buying the magnet after the second level, on the next level I already had enough bytes for lots of great upgrades such as the most powerful weapon, increased hull, and another upgrade for the magnet. Maybe you could increase the prices to prevent the game from being excessively easy?
Well, I hope you found this helpful. I hope to see more great games from you!

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Great Game, But...

Glitches. Found only 2, but they are major. The minions dont fire, and on the second to lat level, no enemies appeared except for the first two, and i had to reload the page >_<

BioAssault Review

Nice game.
Minimal glitches, good physics, well programmed.
The fairly average score is for a few small reasons.
First off, this game is simply too average.
I've seen this too many times..
Space shooter with upgrades!
I'm sick of the same thing each time.
The only innovation was unique graphics.
That's not enough.
The other problem is that the medals don't always work.
I can't think of any logical explanation.
Second time playing...
No medals!
Third time...
...that's more like it.
Overall good game.
But it needs more to stand out.

Eye strain!

Nice game, very solid. The only thing I didn't like was that all the enemy attacks were small and hard to see and the special attacks were really flashy so it was easy to run into enemy fire. The only time this really became a problem was in area 7, which took me three tries to get through. The bosses weren't too difficult but it would've been fun if they each had a surprise special attack.


Do you guys really think this is hard? Go play bullet heaven to practice...

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Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2011
3:44 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight