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A Social Expirement

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Well Informed 5 Points

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Campaign 25 Points

Complete the normal Campaign

Zombie Campaign 25 Points

Complete the zombie compagn

Hoarder 100 Points

Finish the regular campaign with all weapons unlocked.

Author Comments

I originally started this game as an expirement. the expirement was on video game addiction and seeing how you can addict people with them. My first test had no weapon upgrades and long levels. this was boring. i added the item drop to every enemy. this got boring fast. then as soon as i lowered the droprate it got more fun. it was giving you the feeling that every kill could be the "one". the next upgrade was shorter levels but more of them. this worked because of people's attention spans and if you beat one level you'll try to beat the next and the next and the next. try implementing these into your games i just barely implemented this but maybe a more hardcore programmer could utilize this.
I would like to see any game that you may have included this in please pm it to me.
Remember rare but very helpful upgrades/weapons and short mario like levels.

W,A,S,D to move. R and F to change weapon type (IMPORTANT)
mouse to aim and click to shoot.
P to pause.
Esc to quit.
Q to Assassinate.
Assassinations Require you to get up close but are more likely to drop items.
while an assassination is in progress you can still fire and enemys wont return fire.
You unlock weapon types by picking up upgrades with a green outline.(IMPORTANT)
Enjoy and please PM me those Games.

*Edit. Added Zombie Mode. bumps the 5.3 megs up to 17.5.
Whole lot more fun. complete with music from left 4 dead!
no assassinating in zombies. too glitchy.


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Grey hero on grey background? Bad idea. Secound is enemies sometimes see you sometimes dont even if they should to, next that drops sometimes freezes in walls and cant be picked up. Last thing i kill all enemies and door wont open, if i can kill myself is not tragedy, but i stuck in stage where i got full hp and there is nothing dangerous after killing enemies. So too much bugs...

When I play through the instructions, I do not know how to advance. In the regular game, when you go out the door, it just automatically lets you in. I had to reupload the page in order to advance. I did like the sounds. I guess this just didn't strike me as very original. It's still a pretty good environment that you have created.

The graphics are okay, they could use work. I guess I'm just used to Madness games with better visuals. Everything does seem to sync up pretty well. I'm not really sure what those blue things do. It was fun for a quick play.


pretty fun

reminds me of cod

Wow this was glitchy

Looking at your comments, I was expecting a revised game, but instead I got this.

Why was this so glitchy? There was not much to do, and if there was I wouldn't have found it with all the glitching in front of the character. Also, bullets can't kill? This definitely needs more revising.

CageClaypool responds:

Fixed. The bullets are intentional. bullets do more damage and have a higher fire rate when they get upgraded. Plus...ZOMBIES!!!!!!!