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Thank you for waiting.

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In theaters near you.

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The mos amazing thing ever.

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Author Comments

Made with the games factory 2.
Every level contains at least one easter egg.
Controls will be briefly explained before every level.
Made for people who enjoy the internet. full of memes and nods to newground characters.
Please excuse the 13.1mb size just give it a second and it should load;--- ironic isnt it?

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I actually though the end was funny

I've played the whole thing to watch that crappy stickman fight ahah that wasn't a bad idea. The game itself was pretty entertaining, but sometimes controls didn't work well and there was no music, but still a decent submission.

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kroleux responds:

Thanks man. you're the first guy to get the joke.

Pointless and unfunny

Pros: There's one or two very, very lame chuckles in there.

Cons: You have to sit through an advert to play this garbage. It's not very funny, it's not fun to play.

Overall: Playing this 'game' leaves you feeling like you gone to answer the door only to see a group of kids running down the street laughing.

0/5 and 1/10


kroleux responds:

Tleilaxiomatic's Activity Log

03/22/11 Created NG account.

03/25/11 Still hasn't contributed anything to the site, so here's an advertisement:

...Work for a few weeks on a game with a double meaning and i'll totally not get it.

qwertyuiop of death

Good game. I enjoyed playing this one, but the ending movie was kinda poor and i wish the game was much longer.

Keep at it man ;)

kroleux responds:

Thanks man. You saw the qwertyuiop video right? so i'll tell you the location of an achievement. play the space level and hold down E and P. :D

I wish I had something good to say about this...

But honestly, I found the game throughly pointless. Gameplay was simple, and have no idea what the idea behind this game was. The end game was also pretty stupid. Graphics were okay, and the music was kinda annoying.

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kroleux responds:

Exactly the point i was trying to make. when you wait through enourmus loading screens only to find a lame stick animation that wasnt worth the wait. this game wasnt intended to be serious.

I don't feel generous about this game

Ok let's assume this game wasn't made for gamplay but for humor... well it doesn't have humor much.

Besides, I hate to finish a game by waiting. I'll give you a 3 since the randomness of the math equation was kind of funny.. I guess.

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kroleux responds:

Well this game was intended as a sort of sequel to my Virus Avoider Game. But Doesnt make fun of the Player if they mess up. i think that sort of killed it. but the game was intended as an easter egg palooza if you will.

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2011
11:42 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other