Bullet Overflow

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Fast paced first person shooter, can you beat the highscore and become the ACE of killers?

Shoot your way through 10 large levels, unlock 12 trophies and kill all that gangsta!


... i dont think this is realalistic since even if you could out shoot them all they mite try to kill you when your sleeping or have some one poisen your food the next time you go to a restront ... you should stick to the game dont forget they have asault rifels to

It is fast paced

While not the best of all the shooting games out there, this was still pretty fun. The best thing about it was how simple it was and how you just had to do more killing to go on. I was certain that headshots got a more assured victory but in some levels it seems like that was not helping much. I think it took four shots to gun down some of these guys. They must be wearing bullet-proof vests. The thing I really like is how all the bullets you fire actually make holes in glass when you shoot it.

It doesn't really mean much for the gameplay, but shows there was a lot of effort put into it. The graphics were decent, even if they were not the most flashy. Ditto the music. I am starting to get used to genres having three things listed in their description, even if they are not that different. There could have also been more detail in the enemies.

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A lot of fun

Very enjoyable from the laxadaisacal music to the screams sampled from that arena fightng game swords and sandals I believe.

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Not bad at all

Pros: Addictive, nice blood, nice headshot effect, music is tolerable.

Cons: Very few levels, doesn't develop, shotgun is useless.

Overall: I got sucked in on this one, had to get that highest high score! Enjoyable little shooter, I find it quite funny that the gangster is the same sprite every time. Could have a lot more going on, but works just fine the way it is, too.

3/5 and 7/10


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Pretty Boring

I got to level 6 and decided to stop playing, sorry. ;p

I was pretty irritated at the fact that you said "large levels" and when I was playing it seemed like really small levels.

It wouldn't really be hard to be the ACE of killers in my opinion. Something that could easily change that is by having actual ammunition instead of infinite. Also, actually upgrade your enemies. Make them do more damage or something.

It seemed each level blended together, a lot. Try to make a couple new original maps and at least 3 more new enemies that are original.

You could also spruce up the storyline a little bit, but that's just me (I'm a nut for story ;D).

The armory definitely needed more than 2 guns and one of them is already unlocked for you.

I did however like the trophy idea and you should be proud of that. ;]

The loading screen really through me off...



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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2011
9:16 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person