I Think I'm A Clone Now

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te he

heheh lolcat dis was funny nice work man

ya know what's scary?

i have a jango fett costume. so i could find some twelve guys who have clone outfits, and a camara, and do the stuff in this flash, only live-action. i grew up with weird al, and the mandalorians and the clones are basicly the only things i really like about star wars. and i actually might be a clone of the guy i call dad, no seriously it's scary when i walk into a room and a person says his name and his name again when he enters the room. trippy isn't it?

and hes running .... and running .. and running

good music video make another

The clones

they were my favorite soldiers on starwars! I just like the EP.2 clones tho cuz they had jango's full british accent I allways leiked it when they would say "Yes sir" "right away sir" "very good sir" it ways allways cool!

Very nice

As a big fan of "Weird" Al Yankovic, this was a very enjoyable song to listen to. It is strange how I did not even know of the original song that this was a parody of! I love this song because I actually think it gives a pretty good representation of what it would be like to a clone. The animation is great and all of the clones look just like what they should be in "Star Wars". It helps that I can just get a free hearing of this whenever I want. I also like how goofy it is when the clones move as I mentioned that the animation is good.

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Jul 10, 2002
9:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody