Defiance City: Intro Ep.

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Hello. I'm pretty new to Flash and this is my first serious attempt at it, so I apologize if the drawings and animation are crude. Nevertheless, I'd like to turn this into a series, and I welcome any feedback or comments anyone has to offer. Hope you enjoy.



For your first animation, this is a great start! The animation itself is a bit shaky and kind of looks like you did it in MS Paint, but the story made it worth watching! Hoping for a whole series in the future!


work on the hands, and push the tempo. you may be onto somthing here... the other animations were okay though. voice acting and other audio was great.

A script...

the animation, as you mentioned, not so hot. But the script and storyline is pretty great... the deliveries ... not always.

I have to score high for ambition and actually completing this monster.

Really liked it

seriously, when i saw it was your first serious attempt at a flash movie was like "oh man, here we go again" but then i was impressed by a lot of things from your movie, the voices were pretty good, and its true you still have ways to go and improve the animation (specially the hands, they looked weird most of the time, but i'm no one to judge them since i can't draw anything that isn't made out of sticks) but that wasn't all that important once i felt involved with the story, i liked the humor and the setting, and i see potential in this, keep up the good work :)

Good God,

How did you compress such a long movie to merely 8.3 mb? It's a great story, that's fer true. The art isn't as bad as I was expecting to be completely honest. And what you lacked aesthetically you more than made up for in content. The sound was good quality and apparently compressed efficiently.

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2011
6:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original