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You start with 5 people and a few supplies. You must expand quickly into a large town, or else everyone will be slaughtered by invading red pixel-men. There are a lot of jobs to assign your people and plenty of resources to collect. Every game is different - a unique world will be generated each time you play.

This can be rather complex when you start out, so if your people keep dying make sure you have lots of farmers, a couple of warriors, and plenty of water. There is also an in-game help thing. Don't get frustrated and quit, just keep trying.

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-Whipping workers and giving them the day off now works properly... might have been the source of random deaths
-Towns will no longer be invaded the first two days

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this game graphic is simple but it makes me confused playing the first time.
3.0 points

This game sucks, here some reasons:

-Monsters start attacking on day 3, so i can't get enough resources to the other days because the warriors are too weak

-When the monsters attack most of the time my warrior die, and 1 worker die too, even if only 1 monster attack

-Sometimes i can't find water, so my people die and i have to restart

-I want to see how much i produce and consume without having to see what i produce and what i consumed yesterday, because of this: (example) i produced 5 food and consumed 15, or i don't have enough workers to make more farmers OR i don't know how much 1 farmer produce, so i waste more workers that i could use as warriors and etc

Thats the reasons, if you anser me, then anser on my youtube account, here the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQPpHc2NI7zn4u-5wA__i7A/discussion

The basics of the game are very solid and the atmosphere is very good.

Unfortunately the game starts to bore quickly, especially since the money system basically invalidates the entire resource system.
2 jesters equals 1 free tax. 2 gold equals 1 resource through trade. Thus, at 4 population 2 jester already generate 2 resources, the same as a lumberjack or miner. By the time you find the friendly town the most efficient thing to do is to turn your entire populace into jesters+a builder (and warriors/scouts).
This is all without taking into account festivals which make a net profit even at starting populace. (bug: it states 100 gold for -20 revolution but it is 50 gold).
The game would have been better if you had not included the gold system.

The game had good music and the layout was pretty nice. It proved surprisingly fun, though I realized after I had around 55 people that the game is unwinnable, which was disappointing. I would love a sequel, though I just stumbled upon it and it was made last year. The resource collecting seems well-balanced. Perhaps the sequel could have the builders with their own statistic (right now it is hard to tell how many builders are there) and independent projects as well as missions or fighting other towns. Win a by having 300 people and no enemies/no one else in sight? Maybe that seems a bit too much?

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2011
7:13 PM EDT