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A fun platformer with a Tetris twist, gotta love creative ways to keep classics alive!


A welcomed challenge

Finally a game that needs a greater gaming skill than that of a 10 year old.

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It was crap

there are very few words available to describe the retarded parts of this game.
First of all it took me to level 9 to get all the controls which by then i couldnt beat that level due to the fact that the blocks are random causing you to not be able to strategically place them to win and then there is those damn disappearing blocks which make level 7 practically impossibru why I ask you WHY would you screw up such a great game idea!?!??! Im not even sure if you deserve the 3 im giving you!!

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just wow

it was too hard. i kinda admired your vision of combining classis gaming values but this just wasn't........good. at all. i like tetris, i do. but you could have made this alot better. sorry if my comment didn't help

Dear Mr. Game Designer,

You are an idiot! :'< Randomness was a gift from god to make us enjoy life and also games. You used randomness in the most horrible way possible. God and I are disappoint!

Also the 'quicksand' mechanism in lvl 7 was bad. First you had to line up your block, which took 20 seconds or so, then you had to get past the 'quicksand'. I jumped against the side of the 'quicksand' tiles about 15 times and had to press 'R' (which I guessed it would be there) to start all over again, making me align blocks for 20 seconds once more, where I could sometimes restart as well because of the random factor. Ever heard about letting people playtest? I see lots of comments here making brilliant suggestions.

So to conclude, Mr. Game Designed, thanks for showing us all how a potentially great idea can turn out to make baby jesus cry :'<

Frustrating as Hell. Wonderful challenge.

There is no glory in victory without the necessity of effort.

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3.61 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2011
6:17 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other