Color Cleaner

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The aim in Color Cleaner is to remove every shape using the number of clicks allowed.When shapes of the same color touch, they can be removed with just one click.30 levels to conquer in this fun puzzle physics game.Can you figure out every level?


ZzZzZ |o

way to boring. they really should have spiced it up a little add a twist with difficulty and give the blocks faces or something..


I dont know what everyone was complaining about. I thought it was fun and the music was relaxing which helped with the concentration. True its not the hardest game in the world but it has the appeal to everyone. After I finished it my four year old son played and had a blast figuring out the puzzles. As for the music i havnt heard any game with a winding down music box for the audio. Ill go ahead and check out the games these guys that are complaining about are submitting and see if they are any better. Good game!

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good game, bad music

if you find the music annoying, just mute it as its a minor problem.
the game itself is good fun :)


most. childish. game. ever. 1 listen to kal111. 2. execpt for the cannon catapolt part ;3 3. there is no 3.

Not that good of a game.

But, I'm not an asshole who doesn't give constructive criticism. To start off, the music was far to repetitive. I mean, all songs are repetitive, but this one... Just seems too childish. My second point: this game lacks creativity. We have seen plenty variations of this kind of game, and it's kind of annoying. (Though not as annoying as the constant "launch from different cannons/catapults with upgrades" games.) My third point: this game is far too easy. I mean, sure. This is rated everyone and all, but still. At least make SOME challenge! And last but no least, my fourth point: The lack of color. Now, I know this game is called "Color Cleaner" (which isn't a very creative name), but really. The colors are far too dark. Also, put some more colors in here. I'm tired of seeing the same ones over and over. Well, that has been my constructive criticism.

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2011
11:20 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other