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Color Cleaner

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The aim in Color Cleaner is to remove every shape using the number of clicks allowed.When shapes of the same color touch, they can be removed with just one click.30 levels to conquer in this fun puzzle physics game.Can you figure out every level?


I'm lovin' it :D

Great game :D

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its annoying, its short and very very boring. its belongs in some boring game where you look at starts or something. simple graphics, simple idea, simple music, simple. Its not bad, but it doesn't do much to seperate itself from any other game. And your name is suspicous. Its fine, but a bit easy. Add some bonus impossible levels next time.

This game is awesome.

It's not really a ripoff of red remover. THe gameplay mechanics are pretty different. Just one thing. THE MUSIC. Am I the only one that finds that really annoying?

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Good :D

I liked how it was challenging but not so much that you needed a walkthrough :) I've played red remover too and where this game has a similar platform, it seems like more of a cross between that game and bejeweled or something. Anyhow, I really liked the game, nice job! XD Oh! The only thing I would have liked is a more climactic ending haha. Maybe bigger words or something 5/5 though :D

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Apparen't you ripped this off or something.

If so, you did a wonderful job because this was a lot of fun and pretty challenging.

Great job.

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2011
11:20 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other