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Uncover with mouse movie posters for as much as necessary. Identify a movie. Choose the correct title. Try to guess 10 movies until time will been finished.


Make this harder.

I gave this a six because it's not technically really flawed. It's an interesting-enough idea that's well-executed. The problem lies with the difficulty. Unlike the reviewer below me, I am NOT a movie buff, but I still managed to get every one of those right in my first try. Then, upon a second try, I found that the exact same posters were used, meaning that if you get them right once, you'll get them right every time.

If you make another submission like this, try to mix in some more-obscure titles, and at the least have more than ten total posters, in order to ensure replayability. And one more minor thing: Make it so when you come up with an answer to a poster, the game moves forward on its own instead of expecting you to press a button. It's inefficient and redundant. Do those things and this will be pretty good, though it's not truly bad in its current form.

Minor to Moderate Challenge

There WAS a time element. It was on the top-right corner of the screen and applied to all the posters. Nothing to it if you're a movie buff.

It wasn't that great a game, but it was a cute diversion while it lasted.

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No challenge

Reveal tile, show picture, assign title. There needs to be a time element involved.

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2.62 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2011
4:04 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz