luigi has a new job :P

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i made this parody for this project in school and everyone loved it even the teacher but i still got a B- for the language even though i freakin bleeped it out

any way this is also on you tube along with most of my other videos so if u like this one i might make more for newgrounds time permiting... bye time permiting i mean when i can and when i'm not playing my life consumeing wii virtual console version of legend of zelda ocarina of time

PS idk y the f*** it loops and i couldn't get the video converter thing off the screen the movie was originally an mpeg and i had to convert it to flash for new grounds for the better version go to:

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=btj-_dUlH08&NR=1

i'm also trying to get on the mario collection with this


This was kinda funny.

Great Idea...

The idea has a whole lot of potential, but as an animation it needs alot of work. Other then that a fair first effort

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the water mark

you need to buy one of the avs items to get that off, or use another program... the good thing about the avs is if you buy the one you can use all of their software package deal or thats how it was dont know about now, but am nearly positive it is...
a side from that you need to work harder on your animation it seems more like a storyboard .
good idea many fans of mario here aswell as for the stand up bits. but you need good solid animation to get real fans add frames if nothing else this may worry you but in order to get 1 min at 14 fps you need to draw 840 indvidual frames or actions over layers such as the main ; eyes ; mouth this split may speed things up by elleminating the need to redo so many things then it to sync not too bad you may use tech as used in past "old cartoons" record self acting ,mirror animation frame by frame. now go make a cartoon

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aquasurfur911 responds:

ik but it's hard to get good rateings and how can i stop it from looping?

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Mar 19, 2011
10:59 PM EDT
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