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The Mine

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There appears to be a mine right in the middle of the town.. time for the group to take a look inside.

I used both Flash and After Effects,
so to put it on newgrounds it had to lose a lot of quality.

If you want to see it in good quality, you can watch the YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1hR1C8eaFEE

EDIT: Quality enhanced! it's now linked with Youtube.

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That's weird

This was something hard to judge because of how utterly strange it was. It's really cool to see how the animation is good and bad at the same time. What I mean is that most of the time, it's pretty cheesy. The stuff done with the intro, however, is very well done and gives true depth to itself. It was also interesting to see all you guys look so silly in this. It kind of reminded me of the stuff by eddsworld, although it wasn't as good.

It seems strange you would link to another website, but then again, it wasn't something you did right away according to your comments. I had no idea you could even do that in a Newgrounds submission! I am glad it at least managed to live up to its name. The voices could be done better as they didn't seem that well emoted. You could also probably work on jokes because it didn't seem like there were that many of them.

Didn't like it

Not enough effort was put in it. You should try and work on your design skills before attempting to make a flash animation. Keep trying.

Itsa good, but...

... here the quality sucks, so much it spoils the experience. There must be another way to do this. It has interesting and weird effects, tho the bit where they are digging went on too long.
The voices are good, tho of course the sound is distorted quality here.

its good

its funny but the quality sucks