Bed and Breakfast 2

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Be the boss of your own bed and breakfast hotel! Expand your hotel as your profits and popularity increases. How good are your time management skills?

The second part in the popular Bed and Breakfast game series. This time with many more levels, lots more upgrades and more help. Be prepared: you will probably fail the first time you play, so think carefully about what upgrades you buy and when! If you fail on a level, you can retry it by hitting 'replay' on the game over screen.

Hint: Speed is important-- focus on upgrades that will speed up work for you (e.g. get rocket boots or a chef) when you first start your business. Don't spend all your money at once; save up to buy more valuable upgrades.


Awesome game but "goal" ruins it

it's a very fun and addictive game...until you reach the point where your just buying the small extras left and the broken goals basically cut you off from playing. let me explain, I used up all my money buying upgrades (all that was left was paintings and musicians...and a plant I think) so I'm basically self-sustaining and should theoretically have no issue with getting money...until I find out the goal for the level was 7500! I literally had zero complaints from customers, all of them got their stuff done before the first timer runs down (in other words the smiley face was the first one) and yet I can only get about 6000! the game basically cuts you off from playing even if your 100% perfect!

I'm not saying that goals are bad or anything but perhaps instead just make it so that when too many customers are disatisfied you lose...oh wait it already does that! which begs the question why the dumb goal is there? honestly all it does is cut you off from having fun! if the goal was removed this would have been an easy 10!

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When paused, the bell girl still carries the bags like as if time rules don't apply to her. In this way the game is skewed towards you. And as said before, much people in the restaurant "blocks" other incomes because the incomes don't go in directly but rather is picked in each second.

Also lack of other things to do than spam desk made it boring. It would be better to be able to hire a receptionist to do that, and maybe go around and do stuff for the hotel like changing bulbs. Also a parking lot guard to handle the cars would be nice.

game over??

the game is really fun but on level 4 it keeps saying game over and i dont know why.

Something weird is happening

I think my hotel may be haunted. I keep hearing what sounds like a car crash, but there are no cars in the lot. And I keep failing. I thought it was a pretty good game though. Just needs a little touch up. And if you have any ideas of what is happening, it would be great if you could tell me

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I agree with previous posters, I enjoyed the game, but it just got to easy in the end. It was cool to look at it and think, "yeah, I made that work" but after that it gets old quick.

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3.72 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2011
11:50 AM EDT
Simulation - Job