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Bed and Breakfast 2

rated 3.72 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Job

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Mar 18, 2011 | 11:50 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Be the boss of your own bed and breakfast hotel! Expand your hotel as your profits and popularity increases. How good are your time management skills?

The second part in the popular Bed and Breakfast game series. This time with many more levels, lots more upgrades and more help. Be prepared: you will probably fail the first time you play, so think carefully about what upgrades you buy and when! If you fail on a level, you can retry it by hitting 'replay' on the game over screen.

Hint: Speed is important-- focus on upgrades that will speed up work for you (e.g. get rocket boots or a chef) when you first start your business. Don't spend all your money at once; save up to buy more valuable upgrades.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good but

its short.. if you survive level20 you win the end.. but its fun..

what i did :

just like he said "Hint: Speed is important-- focus on upgrades that will speed up work for you (e.g. get rocket boots or a chef) when you first start your business. Don't spend all your money at once; save up to buy more valuable upgrades."

bought speed until maxed, its a must really, you will know once you played the game.. then the freakin chef so that my only problem would be luggage + roomkeys + clean used room + get payment.. it won't take a genius to figure out the right timing for those things.. for me, as much as i want to just send people in 1 click then clean all those rooms in 1 click and collect all their money in 1 click, its a baaaad idea..

i bought some rooms maybe 3-5.. (i was really short on money and i hate it)

if not the extra rooms.. i bought the cleaner, next is the luggage so that the only thing i will do is give room + collect payment and farm money..

i bought the big room next, if you want max out extra rooms.. and maybe max out tables for eating.. also maybe max out the big room.. i also bought the pianist and violinist..

next is, pools billiards tennis parking bar projector room pethouse etc.. only tip that i can give you about those ---> never buy them w/out the worker.. pool cleaner bartender petcaretaker coach? projector man? etc..

i never bought the elevator.. useless i think, so don't bother..

bought parking sad that theres no parking man or whatsoever..

cool if you bought all (except elevator) in level15 or less.. i bought all of them w/out the elevator before i went to level 17.. i just spammed click the reception? to collect cash and send people their room keys + click on those who are parking.. thats it.. finished game..

short game, but fun nonetheless, worth the time.. i won't be playing this again.. but i hope to see a B&D3 :D

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Needs balancing

Good, addicting but balance needs work. Wanna run the bar? forget it, you don't have time. Also when you don't meet your quota, your locked out of upgrade options.... so you have to choose the right upgrades from the beginning. seems one sided near endgame, never been able to run the bar or tend the pool or walk pets mostly due to failing keep up at the counter or too many complaints.

Strategy guide
1: Buy the CHEF!! must have CHEF!. then after getting the chef, upgrade resteraunt to the max. ALSO upgrade to winged feet once..... don't buy lvl 2 yet.

2: get 3 rooms, maybe 4, but usually no more than 4. that way you can leave a few dirty while checking in customers.

3: make checkouts wait, always check in and grab luggage first before attending checkouts.

4: once you get cleaning lady, its easy mode... After getting cleaning lady buy 8 rooms and presidential suite max, just check-in, check-out, and luggage.

5: Buy the junk... get paintings, ect to bring in more customoers. ONLY do this if you have 8 rooms and cleaning lady (get presidential suite max! don't skip)

6: ONLY purchase bar or pool if you can also buy the staff to go with it. Projector room and must be able to hire projectorist. DON'T TRY AND RUN THESE YOURSELF!

7: Make last purchases the violinist pianist for resterataunt and luggage kid.... once done go ahead and blow cash on maxxing winged feet (you wont need it now), you'll pretty much be clicking at the counter doing 100% check-ins and out. from there game is easy mode.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Good.

Very Fun Game.. But gets boring at level 16.. I finished all the upgrades.. And got nothing to do. :( Good Game though


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good game, but a single problem destroys it!

It's a good game. I really liked it. And actually a good grade would have been in order. That is, if it hadn't been for one problem: you don't know what you die to.

Time after time, I keep getting a Game Over screen when I've built a lot, and hired people to do most of the work for me. I suppose there's someone getting angry, which is the problem, but I don't know who what or where. That destroys the entire gameplay for me...

Oh, and zoom or allowinh the user to view more in full screen or enlarged version would have been great... the scrolling is real slow and I was really longing for a better way to keep in everything in check.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


overall a fun and enjoyable game. i just have no idea what the elevator does nd does the parking lot even get u any income. cus all it seems to do is make me run outside nd park ppls cars. how come u cant hire anyone to do the job...
and i maxed all upgrades by lvl 13 or 14 so the rest of the game seems to be kinda boring. but still its pretty cool

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