Bed and Breakfast 2

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Be the boss of your own bed and breakfast hotel! Expand your hotel as your profits and popularity increases. How good are your time management skills?

The second part in the popular Bed and Breakfast game series. This time with many more levels, lots more upgrades and more help. Be prepared: you will probably fail the first time you play, so think carefully about what upgrades you buy and when! If you fail on a level, you can retry it by hitting 'replay' on the game over screen.

Hint: Speed is important-- focus on upgrades that will speed up work for you (e.g. get rocket boots or a chef) when you first start your business. Don't spend all your money at once; save up to buy more valuable upgrades.


Don't even bother

This game is so full of shit. The time goes by WAY too quickly for you to even make ends meet. SLOW THE GAME DOWN!! D:<

Good start

It's a good start but there are some things that should have been implented.
1: You should receive tips for taking luggage up to someone. Real hotel workers expect a tip. Though it's not required, it's rude to ask for certain services and not give the worker a little extra money for taking the time to help you. This could be implemented as well, maybe only half of the customers with extra luggage tip you.
2: You should also receive tips for serving customers early. For people with rooms, instead of getting a flat 80 every time, you should receive say 5 extra bucks for everything you do early, like checking them in early or taking their luggage to them right away.
3: The flow of customers was too random. I understand the need for randomness in customers but I kept losing a level over and over soley because the game was hardly giving me any customers. On level 4 I had TONS of people wanting food as well as about 5 or 6 people in rooms throughout the day, but on level 5 I had about the same number of people in rooms but like half of the people in the restaurant.
If you're going to make a third one, DEFINITELY follow up on my advice and you'd get another rating point from me, even if nothing else was added. 3/5

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easy at the beginning

sucks when it gets longer! from 9k it suddenly jumped to 17k goal! ftw!!

What the hell?

Rating 2/10 because a random game over is BS. Why is this on the front page? =\ Was fun though.

Replay takes me to the wrong spot.

When you click on Replay, you should go to the very start of the day... the shop, not to the Bed and Breakfast itself.

See, I bought a bar and a bartender assuming this would be a pretty big draw for money. Turns out, only like 3 people use the bar all day. So I lost the level. But it wasn't my fault... how was I suppose to know this game takes place in Mormon town?

So I clicked Replay... but what's the point of that? It took me back to the game after I had already bought the bar and the bartender... so I just lost all over again. In fact, it's now impossible for me to win. So why even let me replay? Just to watch me lose again? There is nothing I can do to change the outcome... except hold out and hope the game screws up and delivers me 10x the amount of drunks in a day.

Instead, Replay should give me my money back and take me to the store... allowing me to choose new items to buy. If your worried about the score-board, then give me a seperate score and clear it out upon restart.

At the very, very least... I should at least go back to the store, even if you keep my bar money... and let me try to buy new things. After all, I was only off by a few hundred dollars. Maybe a piano player or a picture would draw in enough people to let me survive. Even though I had the money, there was zero option for me to spend it.

Now I have to restart, which is a bit annoying and really not worth the effort.

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3.72 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2011
11:50 AM EDT
Simulation - Job