Not Your War

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WSAD to move your ship, mouse to aim and shoot.

Esc during gameplay to pause and show the mute button.

For those who like to read and are irritated with the plot-holes, the full story: http://plyczkowski.autoko ncept.pl/wp/?p=2056

The game is pretty CPU intensive, be sure not to have too many tabs opened during gameplay. It also runs pretty fast on Google Chrome.


pretty good i like it ;)

it has a challenge and i like the gameplay though maybe an upgrade section might improve the game or something like that

Pretty Good

but you should make something about the slow firing rate of the ship. Some kind of upgrade like "Increased firing rate" or something similar.

PLyczkowski responds:

That would be possible if the game engine was faster.

do better

Your not the first one to make this kind of game so make it better you should be able to upgrade speed health shields and have more weapons

great potential

to be honest, i dont think the game its self deserves the score im giving it, however, there is a load of potential and i have to admit, if you make a second one it has potential to be a great game. i often come across amazing games that are the 2nd 3rd or even 4th game in the series, when i go back to the first game in the series, its rarely as good as the others. so build on this game, make it a series.

ok so first things first, if you want to make a great game then you need to work on the minor technicalities. make the game simply comfortable to play.

- the first problem i encountered was that my screen isnt big enough to see the entire game, make the game "netbook friendly". everyone wants to be able to play full screen. i tried zooming out so i could see the full game and it just cut off part of the game screen.

-at the beginning (opening) of the game, the dialog is too slow, rather than having only a skip button, have a "next" button there so people can read it and not have to wait.

-next, include an in-game mute button and a button that changes the quality (low medium or high).

now that we have the technicalities out of the way we can focus on the game-play its self. don't feel bad about copying the things on other games on this part, it doesn't matter if your game isn't completely unique, just make sure its fun, thats pretty much all that matters.

-first, have a proper health bar, rather than that confusing circle, i had no idea i was low on health at first until i died about twice and then i had to test it to see if the circle did have anything to do with life.

-alright, now this is possibly one of the biggest things you can do to make a game fun (in my opinion at least). have a shop with a really wide array of weapons and upgrades of all kinds. im not going to give you any specific ideas because i think you are more than capable of doing this on your own. just make sure there are lots of options and make sure you can get guns that are way better than your first one. if your going to continue to increase the difficulty of your enemies, have upgrades that are way better than your first gun

-next, a wide wide range of enemies, make loads of different kinds of enemies and dont have the same kinds come up in almost every single level. for example, the drones get a bit repetitive rather quickly. also, give the enemies a proper and clear health indicator.

-have the enemies in more of a formation and have the enemies crash if they move into each other, just as you crash if you move into them. im stealing this idea from someone else's review but its still a good idea, give the enemies a battle formation (if this is too hard to do then dont bother, i dont want you to spend ages on trying to do this when you could be doing much better things).

- lastly, give the game a proper story line, so far the story is ok, but its not great. it shouldn't take too long to make up a good story to go along with the game so go for it.

thats about all i can say for now, hope i helped.

PS. because i dont know much about making games some of my ideas could be really bad ideas or really hard to do, just keep in mind, im only saying what i think would make the game really cool and possibly make the game my favorite of its kind. thanks for reading.

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good start but u forgot to fix some stuff

i liked the game liked the graphics it runned normal speed.
but not the fastest
i recommend u add a graphic option.
add more upgrades , not only components. u should be able to upgrade the components u already have on u.

bigger map with a mini map scanner that can be upgraded.

oh and i got bored in middle of the game.
some ppl my notlike all of my ideas but im just suggesting.
good game

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4.01 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2011
5:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight