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Heavy Terror Machine

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*if you get any lag. hop on firefox and download the Flash 11 beta*

the game starts alil slow but after the third weapon you'll get the groove.

A quick mini game, which was inspired by a RobotDay audio submission of the same name that was lost in the cracks for the past year.
Frosted took some time out to finish it up and get it out. yay!
[<-----Download the full song, you're only hearing short loops in the game, the songs pretty awesome]


Aim=Up,Down arrows
A= Special attack
Combos build up your special meter

You can block missiles ,but not machine-gun fire,and even though machine-gun fire is weak it does widdle at your energy. So at low health you have to decide whether to keep a smaller enemy on screen to set up for a high scoring combo, or to wipe them out on the spot to keep functioning.

A very Kind review by Snipahar!

http://guidology.com/2011 /03/17/heavy-terror-machi ne-kongregate-helpers-off icial-review/


Pretty nice!

Normally, I dont like those games, but this one was very nice. Upgrades were funny, gameplay was nice. 9*

nice game

190,353 hahaha try to beat that!
well there should be more bosses

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Great flash, just needs tweaking

Pretty damn good timeburner. The scrolling speed is just right, the graphics are nice, the soundtrack, though repetitive, is good. There's one thing that personally bothers me, though, and some other reviewers have noted it. Jeeps.

Missiles are a bitch, they are. But you can block them and take no damage. Sentry guns are small, but don't last long. The jeeps, however, are surprisingly tough, difficult to hit, and do surprisingly nasty damage on impact. The game is a very fun sidescrolling bullet hell, and hard enough to survive in, but the hectic swapping between fire, block, reaim, is simplistic and fun, easy to get the hang of. It's just that there's no real counter to jeeps. You can't kill them fast enough, you can't block them, you can't really hit them in the first place. First two games, first two deaths; first death was to not learning to block missiles and difficulty aiming smoothly, easily rectified after looking to the controls and jiggling a few keys that decided to stick- the control list goes by a bit quickly in-game- second was almost entirely from being steadily broken down by kamikaze jeeps. Simple change; either make stomping on the jeeps deal no damage, or make the jeep impact blockable. They seem like they should be a weak mook unit, barely above the troopers rather than a terrifying death sentence when they start coming en masse. Bit of a bait-and-switch.

tl;dr great game for wasting time, fun, jeeps/lategame damage from machineguns (if it turns out I was imagining things and just taking damage from units I should've been blasting instead of turning my guns to the silly jeeps) needs a bit of nerfing.

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MindChamber responds:

yah looks like those Jeeps are powerbombs, we'll hopefully fix that soon


But how da hell is jeep stronger than a jet?


It was a very good game but need MOAR WEAPONS
i got 212931 points :D

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2011
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed