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Heavy Terror Machine

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Author Comments

*if you get any lag. hop on firefox and download the Flash 11 beta*

the game starts alil slow but after the third weapon you'll get the groove.

A quick mini game, which was inspired by a RobotDay audio submission of the same name that was lost in the cracks for the past year.
Frosted took some time out to finish it up and get it out. yay!
[<-----Download the full song, you're only hearing short loops in the game, the songs pretty awesome]


Aim=Up,Down arrows
A= Special attack
Combos build up your special meter

You can block missiles ,but not machine-gun fire,and even though machine-gun fire is weak it does widdle at your energy. So at low health you have to decide whether to keep a smaller enemy on screen to set up for a high scoring combo, or to wipe them out on the spot to keep functioning.

A very Kind review by Snipahar!

http://guidology.com/2011 /03/17/heavy-terror-machi ne-kongregate-helpers-off icial-review/


its great but

wheres the story ..wheres the action ..wheres adrenalin
graphics: 8
sound : 7
gameplay : 4
btw: where the fuck bullets disapere ..where r there and the effects of takein them

Not enough time to heal up.

Try giving players enough time to heal in between waves, maybe a bit less army men or none at all after hard bosses for a small bit.

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I'm not gonna kiss up to you like some of these other guys, but your game seriously has some problems.
1) Copy/paste enemies moving in one direction until they inevitably passed by or stomped upon was monotonous and quickly boring.
2) Only one building at a time every few minutes? Are you kidding me?
3) The strategy in this was attack and guard until you charged up your special, and then kept on walking. I've heard that simplicity is good in a game in some situations but this is not one of them.

I was mildly surprised that the actual MindChamber came up with such a dull product, the only thing that I truly liked about it was the art used which I give the 4 points to (not to shit ALL over your flash in this review). I can't help but wonder, were you actually trying?

(And on a side note, aritoz97, you write "not bad" as a summary and then back it up with "i got bored very quickly"? Writing that doesn't necessarily tell him anything, nor help him for that matter, at least provide him with reasons as to WHY it made you bored.)

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MindChamber responds:

Sorry about the dull product, I guess not everything one makes can be winners 100% of the time.

also I really dont think people that like it are kissing up. Some people can look past a games flaws to find enjoyment, while others can't. Either way it isnt a bad thing to like, or hate the game ...

That said we do have alot of ideas to make this game more fun and interesting while at the same time keeping the gameplay simple. it just depends when frosted has time to implement those improvements.

thanks for the review.

good idea, but it needs work

The overall idea is great, but the limited offensive capability of the robot versus the overwhelming number/power of enemies is a real problem.

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Has potential... kinda

Interesting concept, fun for minute or two then immensely boring. Too linear, simple and just... meh.

Best thing I can recommend is to scrap it and start all over, spend much more time time working on a new one and create a more solid product.

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MindChamber responds:

we'll probably build from it, than scap it, but thanks for the suggestion

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2011
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed