Spaz Jetter

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Oh, no! The Dastardly Bastard has robbed the candy store and stolen Spaz Jetter's main squeeze! Put your jetpack and energy-shooting fingers to work and show that top hat-wearing asswipe who's boss.

(These can be changed in the options menu)
Arrows: Move/Duck
A: Jet
S: Jump
D: Fire
F: Weapon Switch
P: Pause

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Definitely Something New

I honestly have nothing to say for this game. The music was very much fitting in all the levels, including the shop. And Spaz's voice very much fit his character, who I'm assuming is overconfident at times. I smirked at the cutscenes, especially the one with the Dastardly Bastard robbing the candy store and napping Spaz's "squeeze". I mean, "Tea party of death?" Epic, man.

Speaking of which, the boss fight that I found the most difficult was the one against the Dastardly Bastard. Trust me: it was NOT easy to complete. I had to restart each battle almost twenty times and almost destroy my laptop to get over my anger. ...Okay, maybe I didn't do the last part, but you know what I mean. Then again, I love a challenge every now and then, so I probably shouldn't argue.

All in all, this was certainly a game that was definitely worth the wait. What I hope for are two things: one, to make a sequel like rootofgood suggested, and two, for this epic game to get at least one medal. Good luck for both!

Anyway, good job, man. You've earned a 10/10 from yours truly. ;)

Great Game

Honestly, this is the only flash game that I ever completed in NG. There were minor annoyances to the game but that's what made it entertaining. I'm hoping for a sequel either way great job on the game.

Nice Game

Good game with some funny dialogue and interesting ideas. Had a little bit of trouble with the controls as far as jumping goes but that was minor. Overall a solid game. Good Job.