Dark Elf anal loop (NSFW)

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For my first animation, I thought I would keep things simple and just do a short loop. But really, nobody wants to see a loop of someone walking, or a loop of someone whacking someone else with a stick repeatedly. Those sorts of things may demonstrate a greater level of skill if they're done properly, but they don't really entertain or compel anyone.

So, for my first animation, I present a short animation of a Dark Elf being pounded in the pooper by some well-hung dark being. (Daemon, spirit, ghost, shadow.... take your pick.)

I might be pushing my luck posting this here, but seeing as there's a wealth of hentai animations on Newgrounds anyway, I figured that this little piece wouldn't do any real harm to anyone, especially since I labelled it as NSFW, which is more courtesy than most hentai animators around here seem to do.

I hope this meets with the approval of all you newgrounders. However, if I've crossed some sort of line in posting this here, I invite any passing moderators to delete this animation and my account if it'll fix things. I don't mean to cause trouble.

The music used is "Minimalist HardCore Sex - Loop" by newgrounder Falonefal

P.S. Sincerest apologies for the lack of a preloader. I'm still very new to flash, and don't really know what I'm doing with such things. I really just got into Flash as a marginally more convenient way to make animations than by hand. (I do a little hand animation, but it's slow, tedious, and the results are not amazing.) However, as the file is only 353kb out of a possible upload of 10mb, so I'm hoping that it's small enough to get away with not having one.

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Pretty good but needs to MUCH longer. Still a good job though.

too short XD(next time make it longer)

this belong in my trash can ''WTF''

umm...its awsome for kids i think well just one thing...iff ill make that video next time than im gonna put like 10 things in this video..........................im very sorry put this video is peace of fuck for me D:

I like it but, Just that the voice animation was a little...Well in my opinion odd but still not that bad also adding more options to this such as other positions such as faster/slower/anal and climax buttons would of made this great! (Oh just read that this was already recommended) but anyway Animation was nice keep it up!