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SSBM: 3D Kirby

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I realise that some poeople out there do not like these tributes that I am making. You review and say that they look nice, but there is no overall point. Well, what is the point to any movie on NG? No point other than to entertain. But if my movies entertain you for 5 seconds, then that should be enough of a point. The file size is incredibly small so there is no problem in loading it. If you do not like these, please do not watch and vote on them, don't just vote zero for the only reason that there is no 'point'.

i bring you Kirby, in full 3D!!! Someone actually requested this one, so here you go :)

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i know there no point of this besides a 3d kirby, but the reason i still watch this is because this flash bin on newgrounds for so long. the first time i watch this i was in 4th grade im in 11th now really amazing.

zipstyke responds:

The times they are a changing

Very cute

Flash animations don't ALWAYS have to be episodes, movies, etc. I very much like this simple, few-second animation. It's very well made, and the if you read the author comments, they say to not bother rating/watching/review if you think there's no point.

Overall, I think it's excellent, as I probably could never do this myself :)

It is o.k.

I do not care what those guys say I give you 10/10 5/5 just for cheering up :D.

OK But

not much of a movie. But you could have added a sound on/off button.

zipstyke responds:

Hey, no problems, check the bottom left corner! Happy to help! :)