TW. The Purple Menace

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Level 01 5 Points

Level 01 completed

Level 02 5 Points

Level 02 completed

Level 03 5 Points

Level 03 completed

Level 04 5 Points

Level 04 completed

Level 05 10 Points

Level 05 completed

Level 06 10 Points

Level 06 completed

Level 07 10 Points

Level 07 completed

Level 08 10 Points

Level 08 completed

Level 09 10 Points

Level 09 completed

Level 10 10 Points

Level 10 completed

Level 11 25 Points

Level 11 completed

Level 12 25 Points

Level 12 completed

Level 13 25 Points

Level 13 completed

Level 14 25 Points

Level 14 completed

Level 15 25 Points

Level 15 completed

Level 16 50 Points

Level 16 completed

Level 17 50 Points

Level 17 completed

Level 18 50 Points

Level 18 completed

Level 19 50 Points

Level 19 completed

Level 20 50 Points

Level 20 completed

Author Comments

The microbes continue attacking! Now you'll have to face purple microbes, which are twice as clever than other alien microbes and they are very decisive to invade the Green World. Enjoy new levels of this exciting game and try to prevent alien microbes' invasion!

* 20 New Levels
* New Purple Microbs
* Level Editor
* 250+ Shared Levels.



It's so addicting!! I'm in level 17 now. 3 more levels to go!

My...this is outrageous! My mind is starting to blow...this is getting harder and harder but nice game nonetheless :D

Innovative and functional concept!

This game offers the feelings of under- and overempowerment that strategy games also offer. I'm not a fan of the first one, but luckily this is in fact closer to puzzle games than strategic war games: if you've made a wrong move, it's probably best to start the level all over again.

An interesting and fully functional concept all in all.

Prehaps a rainbow

will be the end result. i hope to see many more and always a fan.
The Pink Terror was a name i thoghtt of for ur next one :D.
I agree with DoomRater, though more interactive i beleive they are eaiser for counters.
The free play is wonderful and i enjoy it very much, i cant wait for another (if u decide to make one) Thanks for the awesome games :D


As good as the first one, just finished, needed the walkthrough for two levels lol, one was the 19th. Still awesome, like the first one though!!!! Thanks for the LEVEL EDITOR and make at 3rd one!!!!!! 5/5 10/10 Another favorite!


i won the first game so im gonna win the second its fun!

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2011
6:47 AM EDT
Strategy - Other